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Woodwork – The 3D Chess Board

Andy Phillip
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Making a 3D chess board to go with the chess pieces…
I set up the pieces wrong on purpose to see if anyone noticed !!

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  1. i didn't know chess was originally 2D game

  2. Again, beautiful. Love a simple diagram with measurements. The decreasing increments have me a bit stumped with my spacial disorder. I always seem to want to make your stuff!

  3. Very nice look and creative attitude 🙂 – lastly i have also seen the pencil vase :).

    But remember – A1 on a chess board – the place you put the left (Queen's) white rook is black 🙂 – on the screen the pieces are put not in order. But of course chess have ebony/ivory symmetry and it doesn't matter for the position which field has which colour. On the other hand in Holy-wood they always put A1, erronously, as a light field :).

  4. Positively


    insane, bESt way possi-lUv this artisan, U. R. in. SAne💥


  5. redesign the game. pieces in order from top to bottom, left to right. queen. bishop, bishop. knight, king, knight. rook, pawn, pawn, rook. pawn5x. pawn 6x. all pieces can make the same moves but now….. there is a highground. when a pawn meets a pawn diagonally, he may take the opponent pawn but… the opponent gets to dice roll for a number the attacker calls. if it matches or is higher then the opponent gets his piece back starting at low square 1 or next available square. a knights L shaped move is twice as deadly when coming downhill on opponents piece. 1pawn plus the targeted piece are taken if there is a pawn within 1 square of the landing. same as if he attacks uphill. the victim gets a dice roll to avoid losing their piece completely. its the players goal to get queen to the other peak while keeping 4 prime pieces on home peak. or… get the king to one peak and the queen to the other without losing all your pawns. a complex spin on it… but super fun.

  6. A fun but very challenging chessboard to make is one where you make the grid on the surface of a slab of wood which has a natural side rather than being square from cuts (think a tree that was hollowed out by fire). It's tough to find the right piece and make flat spots that flow but it's a pretty neat idea.

  7. White square goes on the right. So that the white queen sits on a white square. And the black queen sits on a black square!

  8. i'd rather mechanize and automated that to change field's hight patyerns with time – way too static for the time !! – dislike!

  9. Wow! I always look forward to seeing your videos pop up on my feed. Never a disappointment.

  10. Are you willing to share the lengths of the various cuts? Would love to build this with my kids!

  11. Восхитительная идея и отличная реализация!

  12. Amazing, awesome design gives u an added dimension on trying to visualize your moves.

  13. How a guy took the pains of making a 3D chess set and then placed the pieces onto it incorrectly! ;D

  14. Incredible! So much detail and such lovely finish and fitting together. If for sale in a chess shop or at Harrods this would be a 1000 Pound piece.

  15. You got the pieces set up wrong. the white square is supposed to be on the right and the queen is supposed to be on her color. just sayin…

  16. I can't play chess but that's a great conversation piece

  17. Nice, but the kings should be on the higher ground

  18. Noticed I was trying to tell u as if we were in same room but amazing both show and play

  19. A couple passes through the planer and it'll be perfect. Kidding, that's amazing.

  20. Why did u choose the corners as the highest point? It looked like the rooks are the most important piece. It looks great but if u choose the King's square instead then it would've been glorious

  21. it is really fun. it would be perfect with more geometry effect and more design using maths.

  22. Wish I could have thought of this back in highschool, 1990's. Made a two level on as a gift. Light colored squares lower than dark ones.

  23. Wow 🤩… I came across your video unexpecting what I just saw. Your chessboard is truly a work of art. May I ask if you would consider creating one for purchase? If so, how can I contact you for more information?

  24. thats not 3d btw ..a 3d is when make flat picture and makes it look like a real chess board…

  25. I hope your pieces go into an art museum 😭😭😭💗

  26. Einfach nur der Wahnsinn, was für ein Künstler. Ich werde nicht müde diese tollen Videos zu schauen. 👍👍👍❤️

  27. My head hurts just looking at this. If I wasn't sure you were crazy before, I would be certain now.

  28. What glue did you use to glue the squares together?

  29. Its cool, but the top should be where the kings stand, not on the corners, that way makes it look like the most important piece is the rooks

  30. Excelente, le faltan los imanes de neodimio en cada cuadro

  31. Was this the inspiration of MIB INTERNATIONAL with the pawny scene?

  32. How big is each square on the chess board?

  33. Absolutely Breathtaking! The chess pieces and chess board are magnificent works of art! This whole set is incredible!

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