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Wizard’s Chess in Super Slow Motion

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Total render time: ~60 hours using 3x GTX 1080Ti

Made with Blender –


Music: Rossini: William Tell Overture – (from Youtube Audio Library)


  1. Imagine if this was done with a football game

  2. Cardi B music: you guys always act like you're better than me

    This video:

  3. As a person who has been using blender for a little bit im thinking about starting a channel about blender destruction. This was a big inspiration and looks very professional from when the chess pieces hit each other.

  4. imagine these chess rules being applied in real life

  5. wrong music. didn't really go for me, maybe something more sinister.

  6. Please Make a tutorial video on this. 🙂

  7. simulations are great.. but chess rules not applied… 😐

  8. They couldn't hide the fact they've never ever played chess in their lives…

  9. I mean cool but… that's not how chess works…

  10. How’d you name it so slow? Was it just a Ton of key frames?

  11. I was waiting for someone to whip out the Pixar lamp smash and just ground pound someone

  12. Love how the pawn smashes into pieces just as the other pawn touches it

  13. That was AWESOME!!! Would love to see the behind the scenes of this.

  14. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i loooove this!!! Showwww Amazing!!!

  15. It looks awesome ! Too bad we can see the prefractured seams on the objects. It ruins the thing a little 🙂

  16. It's funny, you used the William Tell Overture, but you didn't use any knights (on horses) in the game.

  17. Did you use cell fracture to destroy the pieces?

  18. i felt this video inspiried the making of queens gambit

  19. I have been following this channel for the past few weeks, and not only the execution but the idea to create such videos itself blows away my mind. Keep up the good work man 👏👏. Hoping to learn a lot of stuff from your videos.

  20. Kindly upload tutorial of this, so we can learn from you,🙏

  21. Red card, illegal move from the king !

    Great animation !

  22. Shame on the guy who decided to lose his queen to a pawn… Love your vids, Polyfjord.

  23. 2:05
    Ah yes, the illustrious king-rook kick flip maneuver.

    Also: 82 GPUs disliked this video.

  24. How will you do the en passant capture and castling.

  25. sir can i use this video for channel intro???

  26. Bro you are underrated bro. Great work bro

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