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Wii U – Super Mario 3D World E3 Trailer

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  1. The differences between this and the final game are so interesting

  2. At the end it says only for wii u, but now it’s for wii u and switch

  3. The worst 3d mario trailer in 2013 turned into one of the best 3d mario trailers in 2020

  4. 2021 and im still watching wii and wii u trailers

  5. They recommended this to me when it’s coming to switch..

  6. Nintendo 7 years ago: only on WiiU

    2021 Nintendo: Haha Super Mario 3D World release on switch go brrrr

  7. Youtube why did you recommend me this now?!

  8. Yes, recommend this to me because I played 3D world on the switch for 4 hours.

  9. Thank god Nintendo removed the 1up at the top of flag pole.
    1-2’s 1up farming is bad enough…

  10. I lovvve how youtube recommended me this after the game was ported & enchanced for the switch

  11. Why is the Cat Mario in this trailer so aggressive?

  12. I love the song in the trailer, I wish someone could reupload it

  13. Super Mario 3D World: Only on Wii U

    Super Mario 3D world + Bowser’s fury: not for long

  14. One of the most underwhelming trailers for a fantastic game I've ever seen.

  15. Super Mario 3D World 2
    New Character: Daisy
    Daisy to Curing Jump
    March 29, 2021

  16. 2013: Only on Wii U
    2021: Super Mario 3D World is coming to Nintendo Switch.

  17. princess Peach in kitten outfit ?? hmmm Nintendo went crazy, then dps of years launched the dlc bowser's fury

  18. This one took 7 years to hit 3.8 million views , the switch port trailer with bowsers fury hit 2.8 million views in 6 months.. THINK ABOUT THAT .. just shows how irrelevant the Wii U really is..

  19. It’s beautiful and I know own the switch copy

  20. When I was 10 this trailer amazed me, the transparent pipes, the music, the scenary and Cat Mario, I thought it was fantastic and it was the future of Mario games.

  21. Jess Christ mario sounded like he was being strangled while said meow meow in the beta

  22. I was 9 when I first saw this trailer
    After watching it my reaction was:

    I want game, gimme game, gimme Wii U

    After watching the second trailer:

    Mom, I passed my extremely difficult exams, WHERE'S MY WII U?!

    It took me 7 years to finally get a decent laptop to run a Wii U emulator so I could finally play it, I hold no regrets, it's my second favorite 3D Mario game

  23. I thought this game would be as underwhelming and Super Mario Galaxy was Too me and I replayed this game 1000000000 times and I never got bored of it

  24. I like Mario 3-D land voice and Luigi‘s voice 3-D land

  25. Who’s back after the switch port and remember the nostalgia

  26. Given that this was the first glimpse at the first HD 3D Mario game, I can't blame anyone for being very disappointed at first.

  27. I don’t think there will ever be a bad mainline Mario game

  28. Mario’s voice clips are different for the realized game, cause they are from SUPER MARIO 3D LAND

  29. Oh.. Don’t mind me just getting in my daily dose of Nostalgia.

  30. how is coming 2021 mario 3d world + bowser fury

  31. hey i remember when i was playing the first level and my brother was nervous because i would mess up so he chewed on the charger and it bent so the gamepad died because we couldn't plug the charger into the wall and we couldn't play for a few years but luckily my mom fixed it (ef u, luis)

  32. This game sucks still to this day the only good thing in the switch version is the Bowser Fury mode

  33. I’m glad they used the music they did instead of the one from this trailer. It’s still good but the final product is some of the best Mario music

  34. Me 8 years from now, when it's on the switch

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