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Why We Need Mario Hub Worlds Back!

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It has been awhile since we had an expansive hub world to explore in a Mario game so why are they so important? Let’s discuss the importance and what they could do next!

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  1. Josh the Thomas fan just dance & super smash bros says:

    Seems kinda unlikely to see a Hub again like Mario 64 & Sunshine.It’s possible to have a sequel like Mario Galaxy or Mario Odyssey.Bowsers Fury is big open world which you can explorer throughout one map.The Next 3D Mario Game Should also be multiplayer and online compatibility to enjoy the game with friends and family as well.

  2. Hub Worlds are so much better than selecting a world in a select menu but even better are interconnected worlds. With loading times or even with a seemingless transition. The worlds in Mario could merge into one big world with intertwined subworlds that are accessible over time just like in Metroidvanias or older Zelda or Pokemon titles.

  3. Rather than being restricted to just one HUB world, there should multiple hub worlds that have their own stars and secret levels inside them.

    In fact, Sunshine was supposed to have two HUB worlds (with it containing an unused entrance to Pianta Village); but Pinna Park being a HUB world had to be scrapped.

  4. When I saw the trailer first time, with Pauline returning and "real humans"; I thought the City would become the Hub World and would play in the "Real World". Quick Background Info, the original Super Mario Story, had Mario being a plumper from Brooklyn New York, who fell into a sewer Pipe and found himself in the Mushroom World then. I was so excited, Nintendo bringing back the original Story of mario and hoped for Story-Related content, exploration of "Historical" places throughout the Mario Series and a gigantic Hub World entirely different from the Levels. Well, it Odysessy was not what I have expected. Still a good Game, but I hoped for something "better".

  5. Super Mario warped is a hub world game.

  6. am i the only one who thinks galaxy did the hub world the best

  7. Hub Worlds are great, but the premise of Super Mario Odyssey is Mario traveling around the entire planet. I feel that what they did in that game gives the feeling of actually traveling better than a hub world would.

  8. I kinda want a mii 3d platformer
    MiiD platformer

  9. I like the idea of Mario world hubs making a comeback.

  10. If you are reading this comment this comment is pinned!

  11. Would be cool, I think they should make a big open world Mario game, that has tons spots to go to other smaller levels, and it should be humongous.

  12. The Super Mario Hub Worlds were so unique and beautiful especially Super Mario Sunshine. Seeing this in the future would be a dream come true and I hope Odyssey 2 does this or whatever other 3D game Nintendo wants to release.


  14. We NEED different hub worlds but not a basic snow, desert, forest setting. Something that can capture that uniqueness the old Mario games had! Even if they do have those types of environments just make it unique

  15. I like the hub worlds in 3D Mario games like Peach’s castle and Isle Delfeno and the Comet Observatory and Starship Mario

  16. I kinda wish Odysseys hub world was the Mushroom Kingdom or the Odyssey could’ve been like the Tardis in Doctor who being bigger inside then outside

  17. As much as I adore a well-done hub world, and Delfino Plaza might be the best in video games, if you're not doing at least Peach's Castle in terms of 'making the hub world feel like a level in and of itself' it feels like padding to me – That goes for Rosalina's Observatory but especially Starship Mario. Also, world maps are a better way of presenting a lot of small levels while hub worlds are good at a small number of large levels.

  18. Then again, Super Mario was the original Adventure Time.

  19. Mario Odyssey has peaches castle from Mario 64

  20. Ffs it’s only been one game that had no hub world and that’s odyssey, all the rest had hub worlds. No need to panic about it. Odyssey was meant as sorta an open world game. It’s not like they completed abandoned hub worlds for good. No need to worry, even super Mario party had a hub world so that’s

  21. 3:15 you do realise 2d Mario games are also official games y’know

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