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Why Mario’s Triple Jump Animation Is So Good

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A professional animator explains why Super Mario 64’s triple jump was such a triumph of early gameplay animation.
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Written and produced by Daniel Floyd

Special thanks to:
-Carrie Floyd
-Soraya Een Hajji
-Eric Luhta


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  1. Ooooh the Blue Shell (Mario Kart) animation would be cool and how its evolved

  2. Question: do you think the first jump animation would be more successful if it had the left arm extending up rather than the right, but kept the right leg extended as it has? In a way, that'd match the original sprites more too, but I was thinking more about how it'd be a bit of a diagonal from bottom right to top left.
    Edit: ah, never mind, you basically answer that right at the end

  3. I was 9 when this game came out and I didn't usually get lots of presents but it was my birthday and my parents promised me something good so they pre-ordered a N64 and I got one on release day with Mario 64

  4. I knew your voice was familiar lol. Your normal voice sounds weirdly pitch shifted down. Glad to see your doing alright.

  5. I think the jump in Odyssey lacks the landing weight inbetween the jumps that happens in the N64 version.
    Making the new jumps feel less impressive? kinda like he's jumping on the spot with no frames inbetween but maybe that's just me.

  6. omg I just realised this is the same dan who used to be on extra credits.

  7. Even though I'm not an animator or even an artist, it brings me inexplicable joy to hear you talk so positively about game animation. I think I've watched all your videos about 5 times over by now and I'm not stopping anytime soon! 😛

  8. One improvement I notice in Odyssey is how Mario kind of finishes his second front flip rotation a little higher and cleaner, but that's extreme. Actually I'm not 100% sure that's what I'm seeing, but yeah he just looks more skilled like he's got more hang time in Odyssey

  9. It's kind of insane to me how amazing Nintendo's first attempt at a 3d platformer was. You can play Mario 64 today and it will still feel great.

  10. Another triple jump in Mario 64 is the one Mario performs after beating the final level. during the end cutscene after Bowser, he performs a triple jump where the second jump is closer to a somersault, it's very acrobatic!

  11. At 4:47, I understand the point about it not having a very unique silhouette from the usual camera view, but if you had some idea of what it should be changed to (i.e. fists should be further out) then it would be a lot clearer to see that it DOES have a problem. When you cover the Mario Odyssey first jump, you can see that it is an improvement, but why? The 'punching fist' seems to enlarge in the Odyssey version, and, as you pointed out, the legs move a lot further apart. It would be amazing content (although strenuous) to see if you could possibly animate a rigged 64 model to do a first jump in a more fluid way, or at least to know if it was possible to do.

  12. 7:37 It's so cool how Mario always raises the fist that is further from the camera, so he always looks like the iconic sprite from Super Mario Brothers

  13. I'd love to see a video dealing with animations in classic arena shooters like Quake and Unreal.
    They have to deal with a very pure or primitive (dependent on your views) in order to not lose the responsiveness and readability the games are known for.
    It might be a good lesson in how to work within restriction or the benefits of leaving out flourishes.
    One thing i do think arenashooters have always struggled with are the in world character animations as opposed to the weapon animations. Clearly communicating what a character is doing, retaining some physicality without weird snapping is probably very hard, but I always thought this genre could do more within its character animations.

  14. long jump is also amazing

  15. I'm gonna need a collab with Let's Game It Out called Let's Frame It Out where he breaks a game and you analyze why the character models are dying

  16. I love how you adapted the intro to fit the topic. Little things can go a long way.

  17. Mehnnn. I remember when the graphics of Mario 64 were considered state of the art. How things have changed

  18. Mario 64 controls better than galaxy. Idk if I’m the only one that notices this, but Mario in galaxy controls so weird. Slow, less acceleration, weird looking jump animations. Idk if anyone has played the story mode in Mario maker 2, but that’s how mario controls in galaxy. I love the game, but I don’t like the physics of Mario’s movement in comparison to sunshine, odyssey, and 64.

  19. I have an obsession with the triple jump in every Mario platformer that has it. I use it constantly. It just looks so cool and is fun to use. One of my biggest disappointments about 3D Land and World was no triple jump.

  20. One thing I really miss about Mario's movement is the side flip would combo in the double and triple jump.

  21. After spending 100 minutes on the Sonic animation video, I can safely say that Nintendo does what Sega doesn't. It took Sega a decade – and two console generations – to finally get 3D Sonic animation right, while Nintendo got it right on their first try with N64 Mario. Moral of the story: Nintendo takes its time when making games and allows their animators to get the most out of the hardware. Meanwhile, Sega rushes their work to meet previously set launch dates.

  22. I'm sure it's been said before, but:

    The best part about Mario 64's ground jumps is that they're all from the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong.

    His triple jump, the side jump, heck even the concept of a crouch into a jump.

    You could say it's been a mainstay of a set of jumps since Donkey Kong GB.

  23. I forgot how good the triple jump animation was in all 3D Mario games especially galaxy. Probably because I never use it considering the back flip basically gets me the same amount of height.

  24. You know, I remembered watching your video that this triple jump was also nailed in 2D. For how primitive the gameboy is, the donkey kong gameboy game has great and very expressive animation that would be very cool to analyse

  25. Every time a 3D Mario game doesn’t have a triple, or long jump, an angel loses their wings.

  26. hey this is pretty cool! you should make mHOLY SHIT WAIT ARE YOU THE GUY FROM EXTRA CREDITS

  27. you know when your channel first popped up in my youtube recommended I found myself being very cynical. sure I have a great interest in animation but would I be interested in going that deep into the minute details of video game animation? I guess the fact that the video in my recommended was your sonic one with how long it is making it that more daunting. but I put you on before bed & found myself staying up way later watching the entire video & moving on to like three more. these videos are so perspective changing constantly showing me that when good animation works you just don’t question it. seeing it broken up like this is so creatively mind opening. i’m sorry I even doubted you for a second lol

  28. Can we please discuss the Ratchet and Clank wrench throw animation.
    In the first game, it was amazing I think. But future games there’s no windup, this NEEDS to be talked about!
    Thank you

  29. what about Street Fighter's 3rd Strike's Makoto? her entire set of animations is just so incredibly beautiful, i luv it…
    Elena and Ibuki are incredible as well

  30. The fact that the graphics are "primitive" makes the animations even more amazing. Something hard to do with more recent, more realistic graphics exactly because they are more realistic. The simpleness and cartoony proportions make everything more fluid without risk of clippin.

  31. I only like it when mario did the triple jump and said yipee!

  32. Speaking of Mario animations, when I play Mario Kart Double Dash, I pay a lot of attention to the rear racers's animations. While turning, drifting, holding items, etc. They look so alive and funny

  33. Another good analysis that proves that Mario dosen't have an equal.

  34. I want to see the animation of Super Mario Galaxy's spin. I always thought it just looks so…Mario! That's the best way to describe it.

  35. I am absolutely disgusted with myself that I didn't recognize you as being the voice of extra credits/history, sounds so different when not sped up!

  36. I love how in Odyssey, Mario switches which hand he’s punching up depending on where the camera is in relation to him. They wanted to evoke the old 2D pose where the outstretched arm was behind his head, so they flip the animation so that he always has the outstretched arm behind his head when jumping in 3D.

    It’s reminds me of Mickey (and this is a more extreme example), where some more recent 3D games he appears in makes absolutely sure his ears are ALWAYS perpendicular to the camera, literally moving his ear circles around his head like they would in 2D animation to make sure the profile always reads 2 separate side-by-side circles.

  37. Interestingly, they did temporarily change the double flip to a continuous one in Super Mario Sunshine. I am glad that they changed it back.

  38. I really loved the history lesson feel of this one. This could be a fun series to see how 2D games translate their animations into their first 3D outings! You could cover Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime, Pokémon, ect. Great video!

  39. You should remake this with the DS remake!

  40. His first jump looks less like his legs are pushing his body up and more like his fist is dragging him upward

  41. Mario: *has a triple jump *
    New Frame Plus: that’s a good 9 minutes of content right there

  42. Sad you skipped over Sunshine and Galaxy. I guess 3D World could’ve also been there, but there was quite a few changes (moreso in Sunshine.)

  43. You actually have to go further back for the origin of the triple jump. The Game Boy game "Donkey Kong," also known as "Donkey Kong '94," introduced the triple jump as well as some other moves such as the backflip. Mario actually has quite a bit of animation going on in that game, including some fun cutscenes. Even if you don't do a video on it, I recommend taking a look at it.

  44. Is there perhaps a visual mod with different animations for this game, hopefully without changing the mechanics?

  45. AND one bonus observation about the triple jump (courtesy of patron Tim Romero): another reason the first jump looks so good in Mario Odyssey is because Mario's raised fist is always the arm furthest from camera. They have two mirrored versions of that jump animation just to ensure pose clarity and appeal, making it so that Mario's arm never blocks his face, which is a great, very Nintendo-y polish detail!

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