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Why Championship Chess Sets Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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An inexpensive chess set can sell for $20, but a handcrafted wooden set certified for the World Chess Championship costs $500. Much of the set’s value lies in just one piece: the knight. Each knight must be carved by hand to look exactly the same. Making this one piece takes two hours, and there are fewer than 10 people trained to carve knights for the championship chess sets. So, how are these chessmen made? And why are they so expensive?

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Why Championship Chess Sets Are So Expensive | So Expensive


  1. this can easily be made by CNC machines….. much faster and some hands on work if needed.

  2. Now I won't feel so bad when I trade my queen for a knight.

  3. 4:40 Pro chess players can even play blindfolded, the design doesn't have to be that specific to prevent errors from them.

  4. Noticing a lot of inciteful language from comments involving these artisans only being paid "5 dollars a day" Quite an odd coincidence. Four times by my count in similar phrasing. Funny.

    "Sold for $500 dollars a set. And these workers will be lucky if they get $5"

    " "Only 10 people can make these pieces"
    Correction: We could only get 10 people to make these pieces for 5$ a day"

    "To summarize this video: championship chess sets are so expensive because nobody wants to dedicate years of their life to working in a sweatshop for 5 dollars a day"

    "Chess manufacturers: "we can't find anyone qualified to make chessmen"
    Also chess manufacturers: "Sorry, we will only pay $5 a day." "

  5. Imagine the chessmen breaking when you were almost done

  6. Horses: make up 50% of the chess cost
    Queen: And I took that personally.

  7. Sooooo exploited (in a nauseating voice like in the video of course)

  8. At least Billy's not on the phone calling me saying I have a software problem on my comm….puter.

  9. Quite pretentious ain’t it? If precision is what is required just go plastic.

  10. Why champion chess sets are so expensive:
    Number 1: they are hand carved, that’s it.

  11. Lol the price is pure stupidity, and they don't even look that good

  12. nahh, in Indonesia you can get that with just $4

  13. “The detailed features are also essential, by lowering the chances a player will make a mistake”
    In what universe

  14. ''you could buy a plastic set for 20$''
    AS IF THAT'S CHEAP!??!?!?!?!?

  15. I love chess and this video made me want to buy this championship chess set

  16. This might make some sense if the quality of the chess piece made some difference in your ability to play, but it absolutely doesn't. There's no reason they have to use a specific type of piece other than snobbery.

  17. They are so expensive because people involved are corrupted?

  18. Its sad when you see the owner of the business with his expensive t-shirt while the experienced and talented works have to work in those conditions and will be very lucky to earn $200 a month.

  19. Why can't a machine/robot make these? I don't get it. They would be far more accurate than any handmade version, also would take much less time = cheaper.

    I really don't get the whole factory produced thingie vs the handmade by an underpaid human worker. Why the former is valued less than the later.

  20. hmm, wonder why the factory looks so shit then, hmm

  21. if you turn it on a power lathe, it’s not hand carving

  22. Константин Александрович says:

    Интересно, а как здесь цена влияет на результат? Дорогие умнее? Может быстрее? Аэродинамика лучше? Может эти деньги на благотворительность идут или на зарплату сделавшему их мастеру? Дешёвыми играть, я так понимаю, нельзя?

  23. my dyslexia reading the title as "Champion Cheese Sets" like dude where can I buy me a Champion cheese set

  24. So 250 sets made per year with ten folks making the 1000 knights means 100 knights each. At 2 hours per knight that means they're finished in one hundred hours – 2.5 weeks.
    I'm thinking there's some BSing going on about this place seeing as how it's just a couple of guys squatting on the floor in front of a plank of wood with some power tools on it.

  25. thought this was business insider? you got it completely wrong

  26. they need months to practice each piece and me? few seconds to blunder them all

  27. Just wanted to make a correction; sets don't change the outcome of a match. I don't know who tf told the narrator for this video to say that at 4:44, but they were an absolutely 100000% wrong. The players determine the outcome, not the pieces or the board.

  28. i just love the sound of the steel tools, it sounds so relaxing

  29. It's sad to know that the workers responsible for crafting the official FIDE Chess set have both a poor working environment and a poor working condition

  30. "an imprecision can affect the outcome of a game"
    yeah… surely not

  31. 500$ no way Im spending that much.I pity the workers that are getting very low salary. Pay your workers a better salary and make thier working place better 1st. The chess production company makes thier image look so bad by ripping off people 500$ or above whilst low balling the workers on very poor working conditions.
    I bought a 900$ Harry Potter chess set at Universal Studio Japan for collection purposes but 500 for the ones in the video is just a no. Look if they put an auction for a chess set that was used on a world championship match between Kasparov and/or other chess legends, I can understand that the price will sky rocket. But a brand new of that chess set in the video with that stupid reason of the manufacturing company is a double rip off!

  32. Look at my RGB lighted Pawn. It is so much faster than yours and gives me a HUGE advantage in a game of chess!!!

  33. This has to be one of the most dumbest and unnecessary things one could spend their money on

  34. Business Insider: Championship chess sets can cost you $500 because of the skills that goes into making them.
    Indian craftsman: Excuse me? I only get $5 a day.

    So why is it really expensive? I don't think craftsman skill is the biggest factor because let's be honest, no matter how skilled you are, if you're Asian you will be paid an average salary.

  35. This episode was especially fun to make after watching “The Queen’s Gambit”. One thing we didn’t have time to include is that the board alone for the full set (worth $500) costs $220. Thanks for watching this episode! What other expensive things do you think we should cover?

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