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Where Can 2D Mario Go After Mario Maker?

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Now that Super Mario Maker has broken open the formula, what’s next for the plumber?

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  1. obviously im many months late but i would love a 2D Mario with level ideas taken from the 2D portions of Mario Odyssey. There are so many level designs they could come up with

  2. Next 2d Mario game will probably be new super Mario bros 3 which makes sense but for it to work Nintendo has to make the game with all they have to beat Mario maker 2

  3. I hope New Super Mario bros takes a long break

  4. how about 2d Mario galaxy or 2d Mario Odyssey, I feel like that could work.

  5. Here’s a thought, maybe mario isn’t like donkey Kong because Nintendo feels that people who want an original and grand 2D platformer will just go play that, while people who want a familiar experience will play Mario. They may be trying to cover multiple bases.

  6. New Super Mario Bros. for switch
    -3d world graphics
    -animation in the background
    -Fury Bowser???as a boss
    -New power ups
    -all bosses and power ups

  7. You use a monster puppet so people think you are for kids

  8. For me, the Super Mario 3D World style is what their going for. And throw in some DKC level design as well. Fast paced, expertly crafted areas. Put in an overworld with missions and secrets and bonus houses and junk. Use some of those new Maker 2 ideas! The Bullet Bill suit would change so much from a gameplay perspective. New worlds, New villains, IDK! How can you change the core of a Mario game? Mario is its own genre at this point: run, jump, stomp on enemies. And other developers have just expanded on that! Maybe give Mario the ability to build stuff or even captures from Mario Odyssey!

    There really is no telling what a truly NEW Mario experience could be. Since 1985, every Mario game at its core is "run, jump, stomp, save Peach." Even the RPGs have these elements thrown in. I just want a fresh experience, something that really screams NEW.

  9. I think Nintendo knows people like traditional games people will always want a 2d Mario or a 2d Zelda

  10. What if Nintendo did make another new super mario game, and then someone in the Mario Maker community was like "I got u brah" and made the entire game in mario maker 2 so that people didn't have to buy another one
    Also known as the king of all power moves

  11. Hello, it's me, Robo Reggie. This… is mario maker 16. The year is 2077

    Thats the future, Mario maker incorporated into every mario game

  12. I think the awnser will be ‘they just kinda do it’

  13. I think the next Super Mario Maker 3 will have a story mode and that mode will be what Nintendo originally would have released as it's own game. Think about Smash Bros, it has a level maker since Bros Brawl but it has a story mode.

    Basically combine both games.

  14. I really just want new themes and new characters, like imagine bowser and mario working together to stop bowser from taking Pauline.

  15. the next 2d mairo game will be soon for regular switch and switch pro and have better graphics

  16. Super Mario World complete remake with hard versions of every level

  17. If they are going to only make one Super Mario Maker per generation they should make dlcs with more itens, levels and other things to make it live longer, after one year of the game people usually drop it, if they added dlcs they would gain more and people would play more as everything would be always fresh

  18. well even if they make a 2d mario game thats rushed, it would still be way more polished than almost every mario maker level

  19. I would like a remake of Super Mario World. I feel like thats one of the most liked 2D Mario game and i really agree

  20. I think the next 2d mario will be something different and not another in the 'new' series.

  21. I haven't seen the video yet, but I remember hearing Nintendo say that their next mario games will be inspired by the story mode in SMM2, and I can only see that as a good thing. Too many levels in Mario bros U were just generic, easy, bright and bubbly Mario levels, while in Mario maker, with the addition of clear conditions, almost every level has a gimmick, which makes it much more fresh and fun to play.
    Another reason there's still hope for Mario is Newer Team. I'm not saying they should replace the official games, but they have the right idea. They have levels that are fun and unique, challenging, with lots of content, as well as other smaller, themed romhacks. All I'm saying is, make mario unique again. Maybe give him some ability in the 2d games, or some new moveset additions, as long as it is fun and different.

  22. It is sad seeing 2d mario games not coming even close to their 3d counterpart

  23. I think Nintendo gave us Mario Maker to use their combined fanbase as a neural net processor for generating random new ideas to put into their own games.

  24. The argument "you CANT have a story in a 2d platformer" or "NPCs? In a 2d platformer? BAH" Take a look a shovel knight. All four of its campaigns are perfect examples of how to do platformers right. tons of items, collectables, a use for the money you collect to get new armor and abilities, tons of npcs, a good story with incredible characters, steller music and sublime level design with new gimmicks in every stage where none are too terrible or overstay their welcome. that is what i think nintendo should try to do with mario to some degree. will they? eh probably not. but hopefully so and until then i got knights to shovel

  25. Arlo: “Where on earth could 2d Mario go!”

    Game Builder Garage: “Into it’s grave”

  26. Imagine a mario game with the same art-full and challenging levels as tropical freeze? That would be so cool

  27. I absolutely love this video; not just because you make so many valid points and observations, but because there are a few things I disagree with too, which makes for an interesting discussion. 

    The major thing I disagree with is that Mario Maker 2 is a 2d mario killer. Since I have no desire to make mario levels, I doubt I’d be getting it. I also don’t have a desire to try to comb through other’s levels for an actually decent experience. I think the main drawback for me though is that Nintendo Online basically locks the majority of the game behind bars. What if I didn’t want to pay for that anymore? Then I would have a fraction of a game that I spent $60 on. 

    I think the future of the series needs to look at 3d mario games for inspiration. And perhaps Mario needs to take some inspiration from other platformers like Rayman and Donkey Kong Country. One of 2d Mario’s biggest flaws is the predictable world themes and very similar levels. A new 2d mario needs to stop the Grass, Desert, Water, Jungle, Snow, Lava themes. Since I’m currently playing Mario Galaxy, I’ll be comparing 2d mario to that. If you look at the different themes in Galaxy, each galaxy has it’s own theme. This theme has a maximum of 3 levels (plus some bonus things to go back and do). The Honeyhive galaxy is the only place to get the Bee suit. If Mario had that kind of uniqueness in mechanics as well as locations, it would feel truly special.

    Now ranting about using the same formula aside, I have not actually played a mario game since New Super Mario 2 on the 3ds. And I don’t think I even finished it because it was someone else’s DS. So I’ll be having fun with New Super Mario U! 😀

  28. They should do a Mario where you switch between 2d and 3D to get through levels

  29. They could add a campaign mode dlc or something

  30. I… Honesty think that theres a simple answer to this.
    User generated content, is never the same as the base game itself. I don't think that our games and content could ever truly replace Nintendo's own games. It's just not the same thing, there's not the same kind of quality or Nintendo magic. I just don't think anything can truly beat studio development!

  31. I personally always felt like the ground pound was lacking potential. Consider a sort of thwomp themed power up that allows the player to actively warp the landscape.
    Or, perhaps circa bowsers inside story, numerous giant creatures that also serve as not just bosses but entire levels, even worlds with notably levels of rng in the levels layout to help make it feel like the bosses are fresh.

  32. Warrior and Waluigi as villains would be nice.

  33. Great video. Yeah I think that having a new villain in the next game would be cool

  34. They'll probably release DLCs for Mario Maker 2. Like add Yoshi's Island and Super Paper Mario elements.

  35. I'd love to see New Super Mario Bros Ds and Wii ported to Switch. Same with Donkey Kong Country Returns

  36. Had this in my recommended and didn't realize until halfway into the video that it's already a year old… So, this is still relatively relevant. Considering we still don't have a new 2D-Mario, I'd say they either are putting the 2D-series on hiatus, kinda like it was before the "New"-series, OR they're working on a new 2D-game that will be a departure from most of what the old games did.
    One way to differentiate a new 2D-Mario from Mario Maker that I thought of would be to make it more story-focused… but at that point, people aren't really playing Mario for the story at all, so that'd be risky, though depending on how they do it, it might work. Mario Maker can tell a story, but not as detailed or freely as a standalone game.
    Another way that just came to mind would be to perhaps make it more like Super Paper Mario, which was in many ways a traditional 2D-Mario-game with Paper Mario-elements, though it of course also had 3D-elements. Though what I'm more specifically referring to is its "Open World"-like nature… though I guess in that case I also could've used classical Metroidvanias as an example… so basically, I guess you could say they could make a Metroidvania-like Super Mario? That's also something kinda hard to do in Mario Maker. Above all, it might be a way to address or even fix something that can be seen as somewhat of a problem that Marios level-design has, and that is the lack of context, the levels don't really connect together and don't tell any real story, they're purely gameplay. That's somewhat a strength of Donkey Kong, and even 3D-Mario can do that rather well. So I feel like it's time for the original 2D-Mario-series to evolve in that aspect.

  37. I love the idea of a 2D-3D blend, like the environment is all 3D but you play on a 2D plane. There could even be times when the path bends and you continue while the camera turns. Practically that wouldn’t change how Mario moves through the level, but visually it would change a lot. I would also love much more rich worlds, I always think of how cool it would be to run around New Donk City from Odyssey, and you gradually scale the tall buildings, and the fly through the air and see the city beneath you. Sure, it’s cool in 3D, but it would feel so much more refreshing for a 2D Mario game.

  38. I think something like Super Paper Mario would be cool.

  39. two words. mario metroidvania. is this a good idea? Im not sure. do I want to try it? absolutely.

  40. I could imagine nintendo taking super mario world out of the nso snes collection and then sell it for 60$

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