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When To Expect The Next 3D Mario | Speculation

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Shigeru Miyamoto is already dropping some hints for the next 3D Super Mario game. Will it come out on Nintendo Switch? Will it be Super Mario Odyssey 2? Will it release around the same time as the Super Mario movie? Lets talk about it!

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  1. You kinda forgot about mario 64 DS, a full 3D mario game also for a handheld

  2. They can take their time with it, I'm sure it will be amazing!

  3. I think in 2 years maybe eee 3. But thats long

  4. And sorry to chang the subject pikmin 4! I think its comming this year and back to mario 2 years MacGyver 3 but I doubt it….

  5. Next year or the year after we'll finally see it. I'm still hopeful it's galaxy 3 because of the direction they went with sparks of hope and because miyamoto said he wants to make it

  6. Bowsers fury was great you can quote me on that

  7. Everyone speculating that we might see something Zelda related at TGA, watch them tease the next big Mario game! 😆

  8. We will probably see it around the time the Mario movie is released in December 2022, it would be perfect timing, Im expecting it to be a launch title for the next generation switch, not a pro switch, the next switch, Nintendo will want a big launch game with the next switch, and as Zelda breath of the wild 2 is still in development, we know it won’t be Zelda as the development for that normally takes five years and over. The next Mario with amazing graphics taking advantage of the next generation switch system. I also believe the next 3D Mario will be like Bowers’s Fury, but on a much more grand scale, expanding on the open-world.

  9. I really got to thinking about your said point, “there has never been a direct 3D Mario sequel besides SMG2”. Good point!

  10. I like how you had Mario relaxing at the end of the video. Btw: looking forward to the next podcast event tonite on you channel. With or without a guest, your conversations are always intriguing. 👍👍👍

  11. what you have to remember is in 2017, mario odyssey was announced in January, and came out less than 9 months later, in october, so maybe mario odyssey 2 will be announced in january/february 2022 and release later that year

  12. on next gen early 2023 right after the movie

  13. 2:45 Nintendo is stating we are in the half of Switch lifecycle since 2019

  14. 3:38 of course Nintendo is working on the next 3D Mario, they begin working on the next 3D Mario ounce the previous 3D Mario is released.

  15. 4:08 all rumors point that Nintendo EPD tokyo is working on a 2D Donkey Kong game not a 3D Donkey Kong game.

  16. 4:12 problaby 5%-10& of Nintendo EPD tokyo is working on this Donkey Kong game, i dont believe Nintendo see this 2D Donkey Kong game as a priority, 3D Mario and Legend of Zelda are priority to Nintendo.

  17. 5:49 just because Wii got two 3D Mario, the same wont happen with Switch.

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