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What NEW Characters Will Be In Super Mario 3D World DELUXE For The Switch?

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Super Mario 3D World Deluxe is likely launching really soon as part of the Super Mario Remasters, and I can not wait! It could even be announced in a July Nintendo Direct! There’s a high chance that the game will get new content in the form of brand new playable characters! But who will they be?Well, that’s gonna be the topic of today’s video! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. No super Mario 3d world Deluxe on Nintendo switch not going to Nintendo switch

  2. I think we should at least be happy with what we got, this may have been one of the biggest leaks in Nintendo history while yes we did get no characters. We got a complete new side game which we didn't even know existed at this point.

  3. Pauline can sing to stun enemies? Maybe i know she isnt here but just a idea

  4. Oh boy I can't wait until they add Charizard

  5. I think Daisy should be a Playable character. To even out the ratio between Boys and Girl players.

  6. Hahaha hahaha haha haha haha haha hahaha!!!!

  7. nintendo: watchs video. okay, lets spin a wheel do decide! lands on no charcter. well, better luck next time.

  8. Well, no new characters /: Unless you count B Jr for Bowser's Fury

  9. would be kinda dope to play as metal Mario ngl

  10. and we didn't get any new characters

  11. My ideas for characters that could be included:
    Bowser Jr (has a clown car that works like the tanooki suit, unlocked after completing Bowser's fury)
    Mario with FLUDD (unlocked after completing each beach and water level)
    Luigi with the Poltergust (unlocked after completing each boo mansion level)
    8-bit Luigi (unlocks after finding each 8-bit Luigi and reaching a high score of 500 on Luigi Bros)

  12. Me watching in the future knowing they added nothing: haha! This is all wrong! Besides no new charater…

  13. guys i have 3d world on the switch i wish there was a new character but no and the switch 3d world is just the same thing as on the wii u so sorry no new character (i beat 3d world so i know)

  14. Rather than yoshi as a character, i would love new levels with rideable yoshis

  15. Over a year later…. not a single new character added.

  16. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Rosalina, Yoshi, Daisy, Toadete, Pouline, Nabbit, Wario, Wa-Luigi, Donkey kong, Diddy kong, Sprixi,…

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