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What is interactive 3D? An introduction to real-time technology

Unreal Engine
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New to real-time technology? In this video, we walk you through the key terminology and technology that powers interactive 3D content. This video is a great overview for educators, students, and job seekers, and anyone new to the world of interactive 3D.


  1. Came here from edX as part of the course curriculum. Learning this to get my son excited about this field. Cutting edge technology. Glad to be a part of this community

  2. I wish you had better VR support. Also, I need to start using this tool for school, but I really struggle as it takes me a really long time to iterate on ideas (long compile times), and also some of the really non-standard design choices that all us newbies need to get used to.

  3. Proud to be part of this 😀 Also thanks Amanda 😀 finally I can just drop a video on people who have no clue what im talking when they ask me for my job/hobby !

  4. "its not like a car engine" who is this video going to?

  5. Wow. What an amazing explanation of the concept.

  6. Completely agree that the future of rendering Is real time rendering

  7. Although I'm unsure who this is aimed for, I think this was a good way to introduce several detailed concepts within the 3d workflow.

  8. This video is pathetic on many levels. Too cringe to watch.

  9. i always speculated futuristic uses of game engines for about 10 years now. Calling it "interactive 3d" is a great way to get the point across, having it able to apply to any use.

  10. Oh p. p please…. that's totally unreal…. ;)~

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