What If Super Mario Land 2 Had New Power-Ups?! - creating3dgames.com

What If Super Mario Land 2 Had New Power-Ups?!

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What If Super Mario Land 2 Had New Power-Ups?!
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  1. Do you know I never saw frog suit in super Mario land2 before in my life

  2. What if super Mario 3D world had more power ups

  3. lightning, acorn, and boulder mario. btw I don't know if N64 is retro enough for your channel. But on the off chance it is you should check out Book of Mario. Paper Mario run repeatedly through google translate then back to english. So all the dialogue (and menus) say nothing like what they originally said. It's a typical romhack patch file (I can't remember what n64 ones are called). it is hilarious and would be even moreso if you and Lair did your voices for the dialogue. Anyhow… great vid as always. Tell Lair we miss him. (4 months and counting :c )

  4. imagine theres a cheat code in the real mario games where they have every single power up fanmade or not, and it gets updated if people make more fanmade power ups

    i mean i said imagine not like its gonna happen

  5. BTG, how to save level in Mario maker world engine, please teach me I'm playing on phone

  6. I like the ninja Mario,bomb Mario and hammer Mario.

  7. warioware but every time you complete a microgame, the game changes

  8. My three favorite are super leaf,peachete,and swooper power up

  9. Oh man i havent seen this channel in a long time! good to see it again

  10. Hey Darby, I have a new Super Mario World rom hack called "Windows Mario World", you should play it!

  11. I love your videos you always cheer me up!

  12. I just remembered this channel just now

  13. hey btg! i gotta ask you something, youre on pc right? and you play jelly mario? play jelly mario and press space and boom!

  14. I like bomb mario' ninja mario and super acorn mario

  15. Is this a SMBX mod or SMBL2 romhack, or just an animation? Confused what I'm looking at.

  16. BTG OMG i heard that Super Mario Maker World Engine is having a new update it's new version is called 3.1.7 and i think that it will be realeased the first day of January 2022 it will have new and alot of things.

  17. My favorite Mario Land 2 powerups were, the super leaf, the super ball, and the bunny suit

  18. I didn’t hear what you said but I’m going to call it bat Mario is my top three

  19. Lightning Mario, Penguin suit and Frog suit

  20. Cool video! But, how do you add this? I don’t know which folder I need to add it in….

  21. Pls make a video on cutting out a sonic

  22. 1 boulder Mario 2 penguin Mario 3 super ball mario

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