What I Love (and Hate) Most About EVERY 3D Mario Game | Siiroth - creating3dgames.com

What I Love (and Hate) Most About EVERY 3D Mario Game | Siiroth

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While I’ve enjoyed every 3D Mario game that’s released over the years they all have their flaws which are sometimes overlooked by fans. In this video I explain how I both love, and hate every 3D Mario game by breaking down 2 of the best, and 2 of the worst aspects of each game.

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  1. I haven't seen many of you videos bit you seem like a really fair critic. Props.

  2. 3D World is a masterpiece do not hate on the worlds the worlds are perfect

  3. 15:20 “I’d hope to see it in a odyssey sequel” It’s the main gimmick of the game of course capturing will be apart of it… (。-∀-)

  4. I prefer the older 3D games to odyssey u don’t like how odyssey the levels are so long, I prefer many more short levels, therefore if a level is boring you your not in it long enough to be a problem, also I prefer the games with a hub world. Odyssey is great but the 2 galaxy’s are better IMO

  5. You know you can play super Mario 64 ds on a 3ds and you can use the circle pad

  6. You complained about Galaxy 2 for not having a hubworld, while you didn’t mention the same thing about Odyssey, which is weird.

    While recently playing sunshine I can say that the hubworld feels fantastic and it explains what felt void in Odyssey. If there’s an Odyssey 2 in the future, it definitely needs a hubworld and less moons like you mentioned yourself.

  7. My main issue with odyssey is the length and difficulty, I understand how easy it is but there is no reason it should be as short as it is. I feel like part of the length issue is the easy moons, Mario galaxy had a huge mission for each star, I wish moons were like that.

  8. Me: Sees (Hate) on Super Mario 3D World.

    Also Me: W H A T A R E Y O U P L A Y I N G A T?!

  9. Can't go wrong with 3d world and galaxy 1&2

  10. Lives are not outdated in Platformers. They're necessary to make the game have a sense of consequence. You die, you end up at your last checkpoint. Lose all your lives, and you have to start the level over again. Losing coins is inconsequential and basically like a slap on the wrist since you can pretty much get your missing coins back right after you die. Getting rid of lives in a Platformer is just another way games are being dumbed down

  11. Switch stop would NOT be happy with that thumbnail

  12. Super Mario 3d world was my childhood, I love that furry tube game

  13. Every single time I was about to 100% both 3D Land and 3D World, a lil sibling of mine deletes the fucking save file. Now I don’t try in Mario games anymore..

  14. I love galaxy prob my favorite mario game odyssey was amazing too def needs a sequel

  15. Fun fact someone has to go change one of their Mario galaxy complaints now because of the remaster not requiring motion controls

  16. For me Mario odyssey was good……… but not the most fun idk why

  17. Moons are easier because moons aren't as rare or as valuable as stars.

  18. My sister is that one that sits in a bubble and makes me do the work lol

  19. im fine with the 3d world levels being in different worlds. its better

  20. While I kind of agree that Odyssey de-values moons because there are so many, I don't think it was a marketing trick. The huge moon count is a result of the design choice to try to get players to look everywhere, and it worked. While it would be nice if every moon had a challenge behind it, sometimes it's nice to have a moon to say "yo, you've been looking around this expansive and detailed kingdom a lot. Have a moon."
    Edit: spelling.

  21. >slippery
    >ironic for a game you spray WATER
    wet floor signs warn of… the floor being… DRY i guess?

  22. 9:16
    How dare you? This was one of my favorite features of the game, and one that I greatly miss (or just find lacking) in the 3d all stars game! 🙁

  23. He's talking about galaxy, while showing gameplay from galaxy 2

  24. All of these games are amazing. My ranking

    1. Galaxy 2
    2. Galaxy
    3. Odyssey
    4. 64
    5. Sunshine
    6. 3d Land
    7. 3d World
    8. 64 DS

    Yeah I put 3d land over world which I know is very unpopular but I felt 3d land just worked better with it being on a portable console and it was good to just hop into the game and play a couple levels. I know Odyssey is on a handheld but you know what I mean. I'm not one of those people who finds open sandbox Mario better then linear i feel that both are good at what they try to accomplish. And we shouldn't use linear as a critique. I find Galacy 1 and 2 so much fun that it doesnt even matter.

  25. 3D Land and 3D World are my favorites aside from Odyssey. I just never jived with 64 and Sunshine and Galaxy is like some weird in-between.

    I disagree about the abundance of moons, I like that they let you play the game how you want regardless of skill level.

  26. Super Mario Odyssey is just way too easy and doesn't provide any platforming challenge. The platforming challenge is what I play Mario games for so Odyssey is my least favorite.

    Plus, the moons did not feel rewarding because there were too many of them and many of them were so easy to get or were acquired by doing filler tasks that were just padding the game and should have been cut from the game to keep the focus on the quality ones. Sometimes less is more.

  27. controversial opinion: 3d land and world are better than 64 and sunshine

  28. Add to Mario 64?
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Good one

  29. Thomas from Switch Stop probably isn't a fan of this thumbnail

  30. Me: Sees thumbnail
    Switch Stop wants to see your location

  31. How could Siiroth not mention the greatest attribute of SM64 DS, the multiplayer mode? honestly, it is so cool and unique and Nintendo hasn't done anything too similar to this in another 3D Mario game.

  32. hes right. even 3d land, the most average of the 7, is still fantastic

  33. 2:36 “our favorite plumber” no he is not the best one

    1. Waluigi
    2. Luigi
    3. Mario
    4. Wario
    5. Jumpman

    So he is in there middle for me

  34. You used galaxy 2 footage for most of the galaxy 1 segment.

  35. 16:00 you sounded like you were talking to a pet or a baby here XD

  36. Waiting to see what he says about galaxy with my hands balled in a fist XD

  37. I didn't like 3D land nor 3D world, they feel too generic

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