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What 3D Mario Game Will Come AFTER Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury?

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury is super exciting, but just out of curiosity, let’s examine what game could come AFTER that release! Will we get Super Mario Odyssey 2? Mario Galaxy 3? Or something new entirely… Well, that’s gonna be the topic of today’s video! Hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much to Macasaurus for editing this video. Absolute homie status.


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  1. I think the next Mario after 3D World should be a 2D Mario like NEW Super Mario Bros. Switch or maybe just a New Style game entirly

  2. You: Odyssey 2 would be the second Mario game on the console
    Me: Are the four games on the Switch (3D All Stars and 3D World) a joke to you?
    (yes I know he means original games but you know what I mean)

  3. I mean Nintendo kinda hates galaxy 2 maybe they won’t

  4. I wish Super Mario galaxy 2 was on the Nintendo switch

  5. the thing is Nintendo makes 1 mainline game per consel and they planned to keep the switch for 6 years!

  6. I wish that sequel games would have more creative titles like they don’t have to be very advanced but I would definitely prefer botw 2 be called Another Breath Of The Wild than Breath Of The Wild 2.

  7. Super Mario Universe (or 3D Ultimate):

    Kicking right off the heals of Odyssey, Cappy decides to stick with Mario for another adventure. Peach is now safe, she and Luigi and Toad are ready to join in. Cappy decides the Odyssey is due for some upgrades before they start and after going to the moon decides that it needs upgrades to make space travel easier. Next world that opens up: Mars. So Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad with Cappy and Cappy's Family climb in the Odyssey to take off.

    World 1: Mars is a fairly standard Mario Odyssey experience, but it's bigger introducing us to full sandbox co-op play. Each character retains similar abilities to SMB2 / 3DW, with captures as each character also reflecting subtle differences, frog capture (for example) would mimic the jump of the character, Luigi frog is super huge, Peach frog can hover/float, Toad frog jumps short but quick. sandbox co-op uses intelligent split screen to keep the characters close to the camera whether they're all in one frame or not.

    World 2: Asteroid belt. Now we introduce more gravity shenanigans with creative Aliens to capture, Luigi can jump great distances while Peach can go into orbit around planetoids easily, Toad can long-jump farther and escape gravity that way.

    The other worlds follow suit, being Odyssey-esque reinventions of real locations, but with the gravity mechanics of Galaxy, the storyline would be revealed similar to Sunshine. Basically the best of all the 3D Mario Games combined.

  8. Galaxy 3, sunshine 2, mario 64 remake, odyssey 2 will be on the next gen. They wont waste those titles on the current system.

  9. I dont want SMO2 I NEED Super Mario Galaxy 3

  10. An other question to ask is what WiiU game is next to be ported to switch (maybe a certain Xenoblade chronicles x)

  11. I think them bringing galaxy 2 in some way is more likely than galaxy 3.

  12. Technically Mario 128 is Mario Galaxy, they used the tech they were planning to use on Mario 128 to make Galaxy. So that’s definitely out of the question

  13. Then should make another 2D game like
    NSMBUD but instead they should do something similar to NSMB2 on the Nintendo 3ds make the game based on coins

  14. Or maybe we get a New Super Mario Bros. Switch… It would be cool to get something new instead of deluxe versions of games already released for other systems…

  15. Yo! I am several minutes into this, and I just realized that Cat is not a cat its Mario.

  16. I have some 3D Wario game ideas:
    WarioWorld 2
    Wario Land 5
    Wario & Waluigi

  17. I want another 4 player 3D game cuz I like playing with my brothers and I want it to be unique

  18. Because I’m sick of remix give me something new I’m bored

  19. Would be cool to get that double dose of 3D Mario & Zelda on Switch just like the Wii (already Zelda though w/: BOTW & BOTW 2)
    but I can't see an Odyssey 2 this year… it would probably better suit the next Switch as a launch title or window game…

    This year is Zelda's year to shine and after 3D World + Bowser's Fury… we may very well get a new Mario sports game or something,
    but I can't see a NEW 3D Mario game release… that could even take away from Zelda if not spaced out, already into the year and there's
    still New Pokemon Snap as likely the big Spring title…

  20. Please for the love of all things good, super mario galaxy 3

  21. I don’t think they’re gonna make an odyssey 2

  22. The paper Mario origami king is also kinda 3D, like yeah ur character is paper but you walk around the worlds like in other 3D games, it’s not a 2d side scroller so they could do more paper Mario

  23. when nintendo releases a new console, this channel will be obsolete

  24. Man, a space aesthetic on the switch would be gorgeous. I desperately want Galaxy 3.

  25. The next 3D Mario game is Super Funky Kong Galaxy, or so my insider sources tell me.

  26. For real guys, here me out: Nintendo should make a game called “Super Mario Misfits” in which you play as Waluigi, Funky Kong, King Boo, and Pauline.

    It would a Super Mario 64 type game, but set in a weird mix of Waluigi’s Pinball Machine, Luigi’s Mansion, Donkey Kong Country 64, and New Donk City type settings.

  27. What if Nintendo made more of a paper Mario style 3D game? it would be kind of open world with collectable companions that would open up more opportunities? I think that it would be kind of like the more Pokémon-esc side of games with the cut move or something but in Mario form and implemented more.

  28. I got 3D all stars but the only game I completed on it is galaxy

  29. next mario game will be in a nsmb game exept evry world is different like world 1 smb world 2 smb 2 usa world 3 smb 3 etc

  30. if mario odyssey 2 is Real it would be great because I just downloaded Yuzu and my mom said she will improve the laptop so I can play with 90 percent less lag (game softlocks traveling with odyssey (I’m stuck in cascade kingdom))

  31. Me waiting for super Mario 65: its been 84 years

  32. I would love to see Mario 64 sequel, galaxy 3, or just a totally new game. I didn’t much care for the hat gimmick of odyssey, but it was still a solid game. But I think galaxy 3 would work really well with the joycons. I mean galaxy plays really well on the switch surprisingly.

  33. What about for a unique one super Mario 3D universe where galaxy and 3D world COMBINE

  34. I'm really hoping for odyssey 2 to release on another cat suit – 1:48

  35. I know one thing, I love being able to play the classics again, but I don't want a port, remaster, or anything unoriginal any more. Nintendo can do as many sequels as they want, but overall, I think it's time they level up.

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