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We Played Super Mario 3D All-Stars!

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Nintendo Minute is never a minute! We’re playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars and wow it’s amazing! It’s so fun to go back and relive these truly magical moments. We share some of our favorites today. What are some of your favorite moments from these games? Or maybe you’ve never played one of them? Let us know in the comments below. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!

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-Kit & Krysta

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Hi, this week we’re playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Check it out!

-Kit & Krysta

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  1. I mean, I would assume you guys have played it,

  2. Never had a chance to play the first 2 played only a bit of galaxy which is the only reason I want this

  3. dear nintendo, no one cares about this crappy hosts, yes thats considred crap here! just show ingame footage without those morons! thx, sincerly europe

  4. My gaming confession is that I had a gaming break between Mario 64 and Mario Odyssey so I’m definietely excited to experience Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy for the first time. Im glad I made my preorder in a local store in Poland

  5. Sunshine and Galaxy look as good as if you were using an HD Texture Pack on the Dolphin Emulator.

  6. I already played 64 and Galaxy I cant wait to get this on 12-25-20 aka December 25th 2020 so that I can play Sunshine!!!

  7. Nintendo should really make a galaxy 3. i honestly hated everything about odyssey like i mean HATED it, i especially hate its praise it does not deserve

  8. Peach's courtyard was the first time us old-timers got to run around in 3D space with any character. Up till then it was side-scrolling or on rails first perspective. This was total freedom and it was amazing. Ive played Bob-omb Battlefield hundreds of times. The other levels, not so much. Frankly, I was disappointed this was included in the set because it's so easy to come by and has been re-released so many times.

  9. Im havent played any of the 3 games
    Im excited!!!

  10. spoiler alert:They don't actually play the game. They just talk about it.

  11. Is It gonna be limited game time or limited purchase

  12. And then they gave us inverted camera and analog for 64 and sunshine >:/Galaxy is the only thats worth the money

  13. The music of Mario Galaxy is superb, so so good!

  14. Has anyone else wondered why in galaxy it's the galaxies Inside the world, which is vice versa in reality?

  15. Dont sorry krysta i didnt own a n64 too

  16. I was a handheld Person since childhood my Brothers Had ps but i never played Like hours on it. How could i when we were 5 siblings with Just 1 TV. Even now i got Switch but it is also Handheld and i mostly Play it that way. So i am excited to Play 3d Mario Games i loved Odyssee might as Well Love These 3 titles

  17. I don't like how lackluster this release is. They could have just added Mario Galaxy 2 in it no problem or the history behind the development of these games like scratched concepts. But judging how people buy the games, I wouldn't be surprised the games selling even if they only released All-Stars 3D with just 2 3D Mario games.

  18. I was Little boy I usually play Super Mario sunshine.

  19. Ok nintendo plz add blj. Whats wrong with it? It is the most fun glitch ever. If people want to beat the game the right way they can but why is there no blj? It's not right. Please make an update to add blj

  20. I really like Super Mario 3D ALL Stars

  21. Please DONT make this stuff limited edition and also please add Mario 3D land and Mario galaxy 2 as free dlc and there soundtracks to.

  22. I play super Mario 64 on my Nintendo 64 console and I play super Mario Mario Galaxy first on Wii u but I never play Mario sunshine and Mario Galaxy 2 that Nintendo didn't add on the collection only Mario sunshine

  23. 1:00 Is this another Mario collection or Netflix? Because, look at the menu. It's almost simular

  24. I've never played ANY of those games before but I'm asking for it for Christmas. I'm going to play Super Mario Sunshine first, then Super Mario Galaxy, and then I'm going to play Super Mario 64. I'm also one of those people who like to experience the games again because they are really fun. I'm really excited to play these games!

  25. I never played Galaxy or Sunshine so I'm ZOOMIN to get this game.

  26. Yes Nintendo, did you also play Chibi Robo Zip Lash?

  27. I’m going to be playing 64 and Sunshine for the first time. Can’t wait!

  28. I really wished that they updated the menu. It just looks so bad. If you weren't going to give the slightest quality of life changes to the actual games, at least you should've made the menu look good…

  29. I only played some of super Mario Galaxy, because I was more into PS3. I’m sorry to that I bought a PS4 to. 🙁

  30. Watching for 5 mins the girl feels like she was just supposed to say "my favorite" and mention a random mario thing and the guy feels like "throw random hipster in for marketing"

  31. i traded my bike for a nintendo 64, i loved banjo kazooie and super mario 64 but my nintendo 64 was stolen and i was devastated by it

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