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Was The Next 3D Mario Game Just Hinted At?!

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It seems why might know some new information on the next big 3D Mario game coming out in the near future!


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  1. A Luigi's Mansion Cartoon would be perfect. And a Zelda anime, and a Metroid Series/movie

  2. Doubt I buy anything from Ninty any time soon. Quite frankly their anti-consumer attitudes as of late are fucking unacceptable. Current board members need to retire and be replaced with people from companies like Sega or Sony when it comes to PR – the devs deserve my cash, but not the bean counters posing as publishers. As long as this continues, sorry, you ain't getting any £££ from me.

  3. 1:40 there is no way my man said captain American started of the mcu I swear it’s comen knowledge that it’s iron man

  4. I have a feeling there are going to be a few disgruntled Marvel fans in the comments after hearing you say Captain America kicked off the MCU…

  5. I would want to name the next Mario game:
    "Super Duper Goddamn Mario: Bowser Does a Questionable Ritual With Questionable Imagery for a Mario Game and Summons Something Really Bad Deluxe"

  6. Imagine Mario's bad hair day
    Nintendo's version of conkers bad fur day

  7. Well if you ask me they could try a what if formula with Mario ends up going to the criminal underworld to find Peach when Bowser end up making a deal with a Godfather like villain.

  8. 1:45 wait-
    Iron Man! That was the first MCU movie

    Edit: Apparently Captain America comes first in the timeline according to Nin10doland, but you didn’t explain that in the video. You’re talking about Nintendos first movie so it doesn’t make sense to say Captain America

  9. A Mario game where ever powerup returns from every past game would be cool. There could be 3D and 2D sections

  10. super mario odyssey 2 with a huge open world and a super mario sunshine area??

  11. i would love it if it was like odessy in terms of the levels but a completely open world to explore, odessy was already just ‘we need to get everywhere to get more moons’ so what it that was just the whole game and each little section could still have a way bowser was terrorising it?

  12. New donkey kong game developed by yoshiaki koizumi

  13. What if it's a new RPG game where the plot involves the unthinkable to happen: Bowser wins.


  15. Can you do your ideas for a new Kid Icarus game? P.S, I subscribed you.

  16. This is probably extremely unlikely but what would be cool is if we got a mario game where Mario, Luigi, and the others explored the multiverse and saw what if one thing went differently. It would be a start of Nintendo's own twist on marvel's what if.

  17. Captain America didn’t start the MCU Iron man did lol

  18. When they say people of all ages are enjoying Mario Odyssey, they’re not kidding. My little four year old brother loves it.

  19. the 1st part of the question 6 news interest me more as there are so many nintendo series i'd love to see get animations(mother,donkey kong,splatoon/arms,kid icarus especially,fire emblemas an anthology,pikmin,warioware,star fox,kirby again,metroid,xenoblade)/especially going to a super smash bros. film as a nintendo cinematic universe leading to it(do remember detective pikachu's team saying a smash bros. movie would need a start up like that which i agree.) would be awesome.

    and the wish i'd want for a new 3d mario game is more playable characters(like peach & rosalina in 3d world,wario in 64 ds and princess daisy in super mario run.:3),more cutscenes(like the sports games.) & adding even more from previous games alongside the new style bowser's fury was a foundation to.

  20. I dont care about what the next mario game is, I just want a new villain or anyone that isn't bowser.

  21. If they do expand Mario to open world, I honestly hope they don't make it like Bowser's Fury because that would kind of feel like a downgrade from Odyssey.

  22. I feel a 3D Open World era might be happening. Good examples are Bowser's Fury, Kirby & The Forgotten Land, Pokemon Legends Arceus, and Breath Of The Wild 2. I feel like this could be the end of the 2D era of games

  23. just because he said it was going to be different doesn't mean it's not going to be Super Mario Odyssey 2. It could be a super open world SMO2

  24. Great video! The way you say “assessable” instead instead of “accessible” is only slightly maddening lol


  26. What if their was a game called Super Mario 64 run?

  27. I think this will happen because Nintendo said.

  28. 1:47 I can't wait for "Nintendo infinity Game" in theaters 2031

  29. I have an idea for the next 3D Mario game, what if Mario and Luigi mysteriously go into a new dimension where they have evil alternate versions of themselves where they see the Mushroom Kingdom in ruins and decide to put a stop to these evil versions of the bros. So, these new villains think they can take on the bros no problem but to their surprise, the OG Mario Bros are very strong and smart enough to get past their tricks. Because of this, the evil bros escape in the numerous galaxies which are just distorted versions of the worlds and galaxies from both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Mario and Luigi give chase and after many galaxies and worlds later, finally corner the evil bros who then both merge with each other to created a malicious being named Armlogui that after a long grueling battle, is defeated. Mario and Luigi return back to their original dimension and rest easy knowing a the citizens of a different dimension (which is pretty much distorted toads I guess) are safe and sound.

  30. I have an interesting idea for an open world mario game

    What if you play as both mario and Luigi as you venture through the entire mushroom Kingdom and exploring places from the spinoff series

    Like DK island

    Or diamond city from WarioWare

    And when I mean open world I mean open world is in breath of the wild style of open world

  31. the started with iron man first not captin amirca sry look it up

  32. If they’re going to make something completely new next it probably won’t come out until the new Nintendo console comes out 😢

  33. The next game could be sort of based on SMB2 / Doki Doki Panic by reintroducing Subcon and have it a bit similar to how in Dream Team where there are a normal and dream world version of each location which expands the exploration possibilities, abilities also kinda change depending on if Mario is in Subcon or not, Bowser and Wart would also interact for the first time

  34. I really hope for some splatoon cartoon

  35. Since the lego movie, and the lego movie 2: the second part had video game adaptations, how much do you want to bet that this next 3D Mario is a game adaptation of the Super Mario Movie?

  36. This is random but Peach eating peaches is like Spamton eating Pipis.

  37. It's Kirby & The Forgotten LAND, not Forgotten Kingdom.

  38. I mean, Odyssey basically is Breath Of The Wild.

  39. I think that it maybe will be a mario game that you can go in space like galaxy or go across the world like oddysey or the mushroom kingdom like 64 or isle defino like sunshine that would be cool

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