Virtual Chess 64: Chess Experts - PART 1 - Game Grumps -

Virtual Chess 64: Chess Experts – PART 1 – Game Grumps

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  1. This is made by titus, the same company that made Superman 64. Take that for what it’s worth.

  2. It takes so much work to understand what the pieces are and where they can go that rotating the board forced me to reconsider my frame of reference relative to the Earth and the Sun. Be warned that the Earth is a non-inertial reference frame despite what your rudimentary experiences may tell you.

  3. If there's a computer someone should do a speedrun only looking at the green bottom of the chess board.

  4. Seriously, is it THAT hard to get the goddamn real chess set out? Who would possibly need this?!


  6. Arin's reference to Brian Regan's Stupid In School bit at 13:31, anyone else catch it?

  7. “Please stop, I’m gonna throw up, bc I am a gigantic pussy” is what Dan should say anytime one measly little flip, pathetically makes him pukey. What a fuckin’ poon.

  8. I’m yelling at my screen telling them how they easily could’ve won with multiple opportunities…

  9. Woah. Woah. I've already seen these geniuses play checkers and Chinese checkers. Am i prepared to see them play chess?

  10. Arin: Here are the rules of chess…

    Proceeds to try to move his king more than one space

  11. Amazing how quickly Arin went from "winning in 2 moves" to completely fucking himself.

  12. Watching Arin get so close to good moves and then make really bad moves is so frustrating

  13. I like how arin could have won like half way threw the episode

  14. I don't know the rules of chess at all yet I find these videos SO entertaining!

  15. This is painful to watch, and that's not entirely because of the graphics.

  16. It appears an emulator glitch is what causes the board to spin out of control during the battle sequences. Doesn't do that on an official cartridge.

  17. This is something I never knew I needed, grumps playing chess. I fucking love this.

  18. Search for pox Nora on PS4…f2p d&d strategy way better.

  19. Anybody else think the game won't let us see the action cause that Unicorn straight up stabbed that pixie

  20. Game grumps even makes chess seem fun
    I dont know how to play chess.

  21. If they could find it, they should totally play Battle Chess enhanced cd rom, they'd love it WAY MORE!

  22. I absolutely loved this game when I was a kid, it was entertaining as fuck.

  23. "This is harrible, this is HARRIBLE!" HARRIBLE I SAY!"

  24. Fischer Grumps
    Double jeopardy on my pawns

  25. This game is terrible Battle Chess is way more better then Virtual Chess 64.

  26. Of course Danny your in trouble because specifically the graphics on this game is terrible.

  27. Why did his castle guy move when he moved the king over? at 4:20 ish

  28. I cannot believe how long I sat here and kept yelling for Arin to take the free pawn, and he never did, it hurts

  29. From the same developer of the critical-hit, Superman 64. As in critics love to hit it, with rolling pins. This game is AVGN-worthy

  30. There’s a potential Checkmate in 2 at 12:36 for Arin.
    For everyone looking for the Mate, if Arin were to move his Rook that he castled to to the left to protect Queen, then the Queen would move forward the next turn to the White Square (D7) to deliver mate.
    Nothing but the King is protecting that Square, and the King can’t take the Queen due to it being protected by the Rook

  31. I hope y’all know that this was the same developer as Superman 64

  32. Three years and Arin not taking that pawn and putting Dan in check still gives me chess anxiety lol

  33. Stopped watching after the first 20 seconds. Total fucking morons.

  34. The fact that Arin could have had a checkmate in 2 at one point and then just…moved some random pawn.

    It hurts.

    Update: Dan would have blocked with his bishop, actually, but it still would have left him in a really really tough position.

  35. 2 minutes in and it’s so hideous I’m gonna puke.

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