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Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial for Beginners – Lets Make a 3D Platformer

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This new beginner’s tutorial is using the just released Unreal Engine 4.26 version to help you learn how to make a platformer game with the free Hour of Code project. If it’s your first time ever opening up UE4, then this video is for you. You will learn how to place actors, how to make your own blueprints, how to program in blueprint, and more in a total of 5 lessons (all in this one video). If you’ve never step foot in Unreal Engine, then this almost 2-hour video will get you going! All you need to do is download version 4.26 from the Epic Launcher as well as the Hour of Code project from the Marketplace and you’ll be ready to follow along with me.

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0:00 Lesson 1: Introduction to the Hour of Code project and how to create it. You will then launch the project and open Unreal Engine 4.26 for the first time. Woop! You will learn how to navigate the viewport, get yourself around the editor, actors, placing objects from the content browser, duplicating objects for building out levels, adding collision to meshes and objects, and more.

Lesson 1 is all about placing objects in your levels and learning how collision works. Collision is one of the most important concepts of game programming. You use collision for everything: walls have collision setup to block players from passing through. Rocks and other objects also have collision setup to block players. Some collision objects are invisible and designed to perform certain tasks when Overlapped by players and other objects like bullets and projectiles.

15:16 Lesson 2: We’ll place the first Blueprint actor into the level, the Checkpoint. This actor uses overlap collision to save the location of the player in case you fall off the world and die. It will respawn you at the point of the checkpoint. We’ll go over the blueprint code to show you how the object works with the Gamemode blueprint to save the player’s location every time the player overlaps the checkpoint actor.

We will also use the Sequencer to create moving platforms with static meshes. We will update the location and rotation of the meshes in real-time in the level. The player will have to jump across the moving platforms in order to reach the second checkpoint. The Sequencer is very powerful in Unreal Engine 4.26 and you can use it for all sorts of different tasks.

43:43 Lesson 3: In this lesson, we’ll be adding a jump power up into the level so that when the player overlaps this powerup, we increase the jump of the player. You will learn how blueprints communicate with each other in order to accomplish this task. When the player overlaps the powerup actor in the level, the blueprint will fire a function that will communicate with the player. It will tell the player to increase it’s Jump for 4 seconds and play a sound. You will learn about Casting and updating variables on the player, or any class for that matter, that is casted to.

1:13:07 Lesson 4: In this lesson, we will create our first blueprint actor, the Key to open the blueprint door. The player will need the key in order to open the door that leads the player to the end goal and completion of the game. The key is actually a very simple true/false boolean: either the player has the key (it’s true), or the player does not (it’s false). We keep track of this boolean in the Gamemode.

1:42:00 Lesson 5: The final lesson focused on the player UI. Specifically, the UMG editor in Unreal Engine 4.26.


  1. its nice to have a tutorial with so many assets already in place and the blueprints explained. i have several semi completed projects where the uploader either took a year off in the middle of a series or just stopped altogether. thanks for taking the time for us noobs. liked and subscribed 🤘

  2. Can you make one for UE5 when it fully comes out please 🙂

  3. checked out 5 minutes and this is no longer a passion or interest to get into😂🙄 I ain't smart enough or patient

  4. This was one of your best tutorials. It felt like we were sitting together, rather then you talking at me, you were speaking with me.
    Even after the few months I've been learning, I learned a lot. (Sequencer is cool!)
    I watched this trying to get through it because I was more interested in the multiplayer add-on to this but it was really interesting. I'm surprised.
    Why do you prefer Hidden In Game rather then Toggle Visibility? Answer: Because it works in multiplayer where the other doesn't.

  5. Hello to you. I have a strange bug when I select an object it appears yellow dots everywhere on the object and on the background which disappear after a while do you have a solution to offer me please thank you.

  6. Hi I have an observation for you. If you scale up the respawn point. The player character will scale up also. That's a bug.

  7. Annoying when the video cuts from 25:1225:14 when you follow a tutorial and the youtuber decides it's not worth to show this simple step of going back to the checkpoint.
    Thanks for the tutorial anyway

  8. Excellent tutorial, learned so much. Will now binge watch a huge amount more of your tutorial videos

  9. I wanted to try this but don't think it's available any more! 🙁

  10. The hot keys you mention are not working for me. Im on Windows and I assume you are also. For example, 'n' does nothing, holding 'Alt' and dragging does not copy an object; rather it moves the view no matter what mouse button I click.
    Any thoughts on what simple noob thing ive missed?

  11. I'm getting 'object bound to this track missing error' while creating sequence ? Anyone knows why ?

  12. Okay so I’ve watched 43 mins into the video and have legit been taking notes, so I don’t think I missed anything. However, when crossing the floating islands to get to checkpoint #2, if I jump when I’m over one of them it legit sends me flying to the left forever. I tried replacing the island itself and I’m still having this issue. I’m assuming I accidentally changed something to do with physics? Not sure at all, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

  13. Thats clever, they turned the tutorial into a game,,, what a good idea !!!!

  14. it really makes me think about games that you glitch out of the world and and fall forever

  15. I'm somewhat between a beginner and a veteran (imposter syndrome) and this video helped clear a lot of things up. Thanks, will check out the multiplayer one next

  16. When crossing the floating islands to get to checkpoint #2 at 33:49 the moveable platform isn't moving. I noticed in my sequencer that they are all red including the SM_Platform_M. It shows ' The object bound to this track is missing'. It is at 35:19. Any ideas why this is?

  17. Nice walk through, but you should refrain to quotes like "I would have done it another way" or "There is other/better way to do this" then you should show us that instead. And also explain why that is a better way. 🙂

  18. Thx so much for the tutorial it's awesome, I laughed at the end when you set the text to unity is cringe because I'm actually a unity developer and along with this tutorial I think unreal is easier to work with as a beginner compare to unity, maybe I would even pick unreal than unity in the first place.

  19. very instructive but you do things by keyboard shortcut sometimes but didn't say the quick way to do it
    thanks for the vid! helps with blue print, but was hoping to see some of the c++ side of things

  20. Great tutorial ! Just starting out. Your spinning platforms cracked me up lol 😂 thanks for all the important information 💯💪🖖

  21. I couldn't even get 12 minutes in. The Pain Causing Volume doesn't trigger a game restart for me. My player just sits there. I double-checked and made sure the volume covers the bottom of that floor. But no matter where I land, my player just… sits there.

  22. Excellent Tutorial. This really helped me get started with blueprints!

  23. Dude what is this! Great course honestly. I learned Unity last year and while its a superb game engine it is not that easy. Unreal feels a lot nicer to me and this video course of yours is amazingly good at helping me get started.

  24. can someone help, when i try to make a sequence where the cube that i will jump on will scale back n forth from small to big, it seems like my character does not touches the cube, so im kind of floating, it seems like theres a collision boundary that also scales from small to big in my sequence, how can i get rid of that?

  25. Most tutorials are kind of short and confusing but this one makes it all look kind of easy thanks

  26. I'm new to unreal have learned some unity but I like this one more "unreal" so this was helpful

  27. around 43:10 you can just set the interpolation to linear on frame 30 and 90 and it works 🙂

  28. Hi, I'm at around the one hour mark and I've noticed that when I die the game just lags out. Doesn't teleport anywhere until I press escape. My figure just disappears and nothing else happens. Do you know how to fix this?

  29. Just simply, a sentence I always use and make successful games

    Hippity Hoppity Your Code is Now My Property

  30. People like you are the Reason why this world sucks. Hating on another whole brand and starting an "Engine War" just because you like the other? really?! Calling Unity "Cringe" just shows how pathetic you Truly Are!

  31. This was so amazing. Thank you for showing me someone who doesn't know c++ can still make a game in unreal. I've been limited by unitys limitations at times.

  32. jesus this is great. I cant learn shit unless someone shows me xD TY!

  33. I have a issue that when I create the project and then double click to open it….. it just says that no app is associated with it that’s why it can’t open it

  34. you just earned a sub for teaching such good stuff

  35. Is it just me or does DevAddict sounds like Vanoss?

  36. "maybe rotating was a bad idea" I was cracking up here lol. Great video thanks for walking through this

  37. How can I release games from unreal engine to app store and google play

  38. thanks for the tutorial, well worth the time a huge amount to take in and so well explained! 🙂

  39. Thank you for making such a good tutorial. The most amazing part is that you have made it lesson by lesson. Thankyou again

  40. But it's through Epic Games. The scumbags of video games. NO thanks

  41. wow this was an amazing tour.

    Do you know of any useful course where they teach how to make simple models and animations to add in unreal? even if for low poly and most basic characters. .. would be nice to apply those to this project.

  42. when i try to run the engine it says d3 d11 compatible gpu

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