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Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial #1 – Start Chess (part 1)

Tefel Dev
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This tutorial:
– Create new project
– Add new objects procedurally
– Create and Import meshes (3ds)
– Copy / paste data
– Apply materials

Official website:

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  1. Thanks a lot! Your solution work in the UE5

  2. Hello sir, I have one query to add animation to individual or mesh character ..so that he can pick the king or queen in chess by his own hand and put it to next position??

  3. OMG.. its Tefel… Am i the only one who knows about you? 😉  imba terran here. Million thanks for the totorial.

  4. Just found you via twitter. you got a sub!

  5. This is one badass tut man, thanks for the upload.  Hope you release more.

  6. Well done tutorial. You explained everything quite well.

  7. Was the facecam entirely necessary?

  8. now in 4.8.3 there is no node between make_vector and add_static_mesh

  9. OK, so I decided to continue this series of tutorials. Next one will be some UMG stuff, making radiobuttons dynamically. Hope You will enjoy next videos.

  10. Dude that's just soooo cool …..keep making this video.

  11. Thanks sir for giving ur precious time to tut us…..it is fabulous

  12. Gosh, thanks for video! I wanna more of this chess things!

  13. Is there any chance you could do an update to this? or perhaps i just need some help. For some reason i can't get my meshes to save into the mesh array variable we create. I have done it all over and over, looked everywhere trying to figure out what im doing wrong but i cant seem to find any help dealing with loading a mesh array up. Everything hooks up fine, and runs, but the mesh array variable remains empty, and i can't get the tile to change color. The variable is editable, and its set to mesh component array – refrence. My print screen works fine telling me which tile im currently selecting with my cursor. plz help! thx!

  14. dude, keep in mind only people watching the how to videos. is people that need help, or don't know how. you have to slow down for us people that don't know how to pull up the blue print page, and the static mess scree and all the other stuff I miss pause I had to pause on 1 labtop. work on my other labtop. then unpause and thn pause and you didn't tell anything on how to pull up to screens I needed. your at this stuff. but if yr gonna do how to vids, please slow it down a bit. great work though. like to see future how to projects from you

  15. Thanks for tutorial a lot! Just spent about 1 hour to make nice models and some additional bp ro rotate knights. Now it looks awesome

  16. Can i add you on skype and ask you some questions? 😀

  17. I can't open the auto desk 3D max, it showed a initialise error

  18. Thank you for uploading the great tutorial. At 1:57, you changed the static mesh to Floor_400x400. While the shape is changed in the video, the shape in my PC still looks a ball. I compiled once but it doesn't work. Any idea? I use Unreal Editor 4.15.1-3348071 on Windows 10.

  19. Nice tutorial, but I think I'm sticking to c++ eh…

  20. Светослав Ангеловский says:

    перевидите на русский

  21. Would you be willing to make the pieces available for download for those of us without 3DS?

  22. Hoh boy, I got up till your transform to get the pieces in place, then you corrected something you did quickly without explaining what it was you were doing. I am lost, my friend.

  23. So I cant get past the section to change material by selection of mouse. So how you change the square to gold. I am able to select but instead of it selecting each square it does one in a four square area and it will only do it the first time after I press play. So it is not clicking each square and it only allows me to click on one and then no more…please help.

  24. handsome boy thank you, click keyboard so quickly!

  25. i want to do this, but in the C++ side of things. can anyone point me to the right place to learn that?

  26. Ok, we're using "/" and "%" for the coordinates. Why? This doesn't explain much for me.

  27. Can't get the add static mesh component to work?

  28. does anyone have a print of this blueprint ?

  29. That's alot of programming without blueprint

  30. need to make a board game in Unreal 4 for University (Rush Hour), your Tutorials help me set up the basics, thanks.

  31. Logic of chessboard cell color is too complex. You can use a second for loop for indexing. Use (i+j)%2 as color index.

  32. Trying to follow your tutorial with UE4.25, i don't see the button you click in 1:52

  33. I know this is an old video but i'm just following it now, I've got to the point just where we have made the array, ive got all my meshes in the node editor and connected everything up, but nothing shows up. Do you have any idea why? Each mes shows up fine if I just drag and drop it into the scene somewhere.

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