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Unity 3d: Making a Board Game! – Episode 1

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This is a beginner-friendly tutorial on making a board game in Unity 3d. After we’re done this, we’ll then make an AI that can play against the player!

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  1. Recently I watched Stargate SG-1, and it occurs to me that sometimes you sound just like Daniel Jackson(actor Michael Shanks) from that series when you use higher pitched voice. Cool! :O 😀

  2. Excellent! This was exactly the board game I was hoping for. Go Irving Finkel!

  3. Thank you Quill, thank you for not having a monotone voice and sound like your fast forwarding through everything lol. This was a great video

  4. I loooved this video! I'm just sad i have to wait for part 2! I was a noob with Unity but after I know about all these tricks and stuff It has helped me! *Kudos*, quill18creates

  5. This is an excellent game to use as a tutorial. Love the game.

  6. I had to recreate game of ur for university project 😛

  7. Was looking for a simple board game tutorial – this is perfect, thanks. Looking forward to the next episodes!

  8. This is totally weird but like some of the other commenters I was also watching Irving Finkle's video the other day and was also thinking: I could make that a game in Unity haha. Well, best of luck with that.

  9. I was hoping you'd get around to a Board Game tutorial soon!

    Any chance of a "Section 3 – Network Play"?

  10. Cool, i need some new juices for my own programming, actually sort of decided to take the base I derived from the hex engine setup and make it more into a boardgame like style. Any chance this tuturial will include how to make actual dice roll and determine the thrown values? … by the looks of it the game doesn't have dice, unfortunately 🙁

  11. can I just note, this game is literally luck based imho, you a roll a dice, and if you get bad rolls you lose pretty much, so an AI cant really beat the player any more then another player could as this type of game is inherently luck based. the AI will basically just hit the roll dice button, then decide to add a new piece or move a current one while following the game rules, thats it, no real logic or strategy involved imho

  12. Also Tnx UkkoFIN ^^ … and Quill obviously 🙂

  13. I recently watched a video of the royal game of ur, tom vs the guy that studies that game

  14. Sweet, another programming series, been waiting for this. Also oddly enough I was thinking about making this game.

  15. @quill18creates, I love your Unity tutorials. If you continue with them, may I propose another simple game type? Something like "Something Something Soup Something"!


  16. By the way, Go stones are not flattened at the bottom. They're pretty much exactly what you made as your token here. ^^

  17. Unity, Quill and an ancient board game? This is just awesome! Keep it up, man.

  18. I'd love to see some more AI(specially neural network related) content!

  19. lol. this was on my "list" of games to make but i never got around to.

  20. Irving Finkel's the dude, he's massively eccentric but amazing to have a chat with about board games :p

  21. You are fantastic!! Never stop what you're doing – the enthusiasm and ease of explanation got me through my newbie Unity assignment, thanks so much man!!!

  22. Anyone alse click on this just because it's the Royal Game of Ur.

  23. why do you have a background grid with the x-y plane, but I have it with the x-z plane?

  24. Great tutorial! Can't wait to get through this (although I'm quite late to the series). Around 25:47 you start renaming the Middle tiles… Quick tip, on Windows, after you select something you can press F2 to rename the item, without having to double click or click in the inspector. This works in the Hierarchy as well as the Assets section for renaming folders and files 🙂

  25. You got to be kidding me..i wanted to make that game myself D:

  26. sir please make a video on Nine man Moris 3d in unity //Please i wait for your kind reply .no other video is available in you tube in this game

  27. less caffeine before your next tutorial please? I'm getting anxiety just listening to your hyper inflection style.

  28. I learned about this game 7 days ago and set out to make my own version. I built a simple 2D version in C++, but I wanted to make it look good with unity.

    Funny how you chose this game for your tutorial.

  29. This is a really good tutorial for me ngl. I'm starting off with unity and I'm making a board game, I can use bits of your tutorial and adapt it. Thanks!

  30. Hey man! I know it has been three years but you are the best Unity Game Tutorial maker that I have watched to date. You can just hear your passion and knowledge for what you do so I am excited to keep learning from you!

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