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Unboxing a 1000 dollar chess set by Purling London

Anna Rudolf
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Let’s open together Purling London’s latest chess set: Stone Chess!

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  1. Me: hesitate to buy plastic chess.
    Anna: This worth 1000$.

  2. Pro tip: Use a knife instead of scissors to cut off the tape. The box would open naturally once that's done.

  3. Just open the box like a normal person god damn

  4. The most expensive chess sets are made from mammoth ivory. They run for around $10,000. About the price of some Rolex watches.

  5. I got an alabaster chess set for like $70 from like $500 only thing is it's dark grey and white and I'm too afraid to use it cause I'm clumsy.

  6. YOu do need to invest in a better scissor or several better scissors.

  7. The set and the board are beautiful nad all, but… the board is a bit small for this particular set of pieces. The diameter of the pawns should be half of the size of one square, you should be able to place 4 pawns in one square of the board, side by side, no gaps between them.

  8. All that strategical thinking, but no common sense. Use a FUCKING knife or a blade.

  9. The way you opened the box was hilarious lol.

  10. cannot drop it. it will break.
    if it's made of marshmallow, it won't break when fall.

  11. Makes me think my self made chess table and pieces will be worth double. That's what I think.

  12. I’ve a Stanton bought it myself for myself & play by myself.
    Anyone for a game?

  13. I've been looking for a super nice chess set for a long time. Yours is beautiful.

  14. Looks like alabaster. Is it alabaster? Must be alabaster.

  15. She must be pretending to not know how to open a gift package. Anyone who can play chess isn't that dumb

  16. Awwww shes so cute. Not 1 oz of common sense.

  17. Take a shot each time Anna says "Purling London"

  18. Look at the companies website the whole thing is a huge scam its like Banksy* but even worse (not that he's a bad artist just mentioning how simple art goes for such a high piece but these chess boards apart from this one most of them super overpriced like 30 grand- 75k for something that looks disgusting)

  19. Very beautiful chess set.
    But i would like the numbers and letters at the side of the board.

    Not practical, but as a piece of art it is very beautiful

  20. Playing the french defence, and a haircut like beth harmon? Perfect combination.

  21. I really how she demonstrated how it isn't easy to know over the pieces, that's a key characteristic of a quality chess set

  22. flex be like 1000 dollar. not to flex 995 dollar

  23. I can't afford such a chess set, but I'm happy for her. Also, I see so many haters here; giving thumbs down because they can't afford such a set. lol

  24. I have an alabaster set. Just … Be so very careful, without even trying, you'll damage it.

  25. Why they're creating this expensive chess set and not follow the official championship shapes?
    Other than that, nice set.

  26. Yall mfs in the comments need to chill holy fuck

  27. A nice sharp knife would’ve opened that box MUCH easier imvho. 🔪

  28. My 1$ cheese board does the same thing

    (This is a sarcasm)

  29. "I hope I will not break it … I'm capable of breaking whatever it is." You're adorable!

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