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Tutorial: extracting textures and 3D models from Android games (part 1: simple example)

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Tutorial: extracting textures and 3D models from Android games (part 1: simple example). Tutorial in English.

Software used in this tutorial:

– Nox App Player (Android emulator):
– Ninja Ripper:
– Noesis:
– File extracto/decompressor, I suggest 7zip:
– 3DS Max (trial):

In this tutorial you will learn how to extract textures and 3D models of characters or any object from Android games or apps. This tutorial is split in two parts (two videos). In the first part I will show how to extract a simple model, easy to extract. In the second part I will show how to extract a more complex/difficult model, which is split into many parts when we try to import it.

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  1. I'm having a hard time here. I downloaded Nox player but it doesnt lets me download cod mobile. So i switched to Bluestacks and i tried using "intruder inject" but it gives an error. Then i randomly chose another wrapper option and used the hotkeys inside the game but it doesnt extract any meshes or any files. It remains an empty folder. Help would be appreciated

  2. Amazing, I want a favour can you plz extract ben10 ultimate alien cosmic destruction game models for me plz

  3. This is a great video, but there's an issue I was hoping you can help me with!

    Unfortunately this method does not work with the latest version of Nox, but even worse, the game I want to extract from (Love Live All Stars) can only run on that version.
    I've tried to download version 3 and 5 of Nox but they did not support the game 🙁

    So if you have found another method to extract android game assets from the current version of Nox, I would be grateful if you could help me out or point me in the right direction!

    Either way, thank you for this video!

  4. good video, a question. what would happen if you used an extracted model and you use it in your app? would there be a problem with copyright?

  5. Everything worked fine for me! (thank you very much).
    But with the release of the update in the game came the requirement to update Android. Tell me, are there other emulators working with a high version of Android?

  6. Finally a version of nox that works with ninjaripper. ty

  7. I clicked the "Run" button but NoxPlayer wouldn't start. When I started NoxPlayer manually it wouldn't work. Pressing F3 and F10 did nothing and the output folder was empty.

  8. is only NOX that can be used? Are there any other emulators that do?

  9. hi can you help me to extrac a 3d model from a psx ps1 game i cant any emulators for psx games run on directx 9 all the emulators run in direct x7 or ealse tnks

  10. pls help, I don't get a folder with models and textures , in folder ninjaripper

  11. Please Extract, Durango Wildlands. Player Object or the dino. thank you

  12. can you help? i do everything to the exact letter in your video and then when it comes to being in game and pressing the buttons to rip the models, for 1 the game suddenly goes silent even when it had sound at the title screen and 2 the buttons don't work as i always end up upping the brightness and not actually ripping the models, i have done used ninja ripper with several games but this one has me stumped.

  13. Is there any way to do this with a game that is no longer running? (pkmn Rumble rush)

  14. Where is fm file my pc not sow
    And box.exe file not sow my pc
    Please help me…

  15. is there any way to rip the whole game…I'm a unity game dev and I need some reference…so I want rip a mobile game it got obb file…I don't know how to do it…anyone here knows that?? I need some help

  16. Hi, i want to ask

    minimum specs to run the android Emulator?

  17. Hey there,
    first off thank you so much for this great tutorial!
    I just have a question, is there a way to rip a level/gameworld without getting a chaotic mess? For example I want to rip my guild hall from Guild Wars2, and copy it 1to1 for my Project. The problem is that I have around 1900 little pieces… and they all get trashed in the middle when I open them with blender. It's impossible for me recreate it with so many pieces…

    Is there a way to rip the whole scene with fixed locations for the pieces? Or is there maybe another ripping software thats able to do this?
    I wonder how people rip environments from games that look 100% the same.

  18. Lol I fast forwarded video to 1.25x still feel she is speaking slow 😂 nice tutorial btw subscribed ❤

  19. hello .. I want to ask
    Can the Rip model be automatically T-Posed ???

  20. can we extract the character animations while extracting it from the apk file ?
    @rd games & tech

  21. When i press the keys nothing happens :/ the files dont show up in my folder . What to do lol

  22. You can also use zarchiver for extracting game file in Android then transfer it to your pc. Just be sure not to use it in any commercial use specially if the game models are from big companies.

  23. Doesn't seem to work anymore, I did everything but when I press F3/F10 nothing happens

  24. thanks it worked like charm now..can u make a tutorial to export these in gta 5 games using gims evo. really appreciate your efforts

  25. what about VR games ? how to extract from Vr apk …?

  26. I'm having problems with ninja ripper. It cannot run the nox player from the nox folder. It shows me an error. Is that because i have the new version of nox player? Thanks!

  27. Can i use LDplayer for this android emulator

  28. i have tryed many times extracting from that program from both x86 folder and x64 folder but when i press the keys responsible for trigger the extraction of models nothing happons i am so frustrated. can you please help me ?

  29. Can I do this with asphalt 8 tracks? Because I'd like to put tracks like Nevada and Venice into Mario kart wii

  30. Will nox run on a Windows emulator like Parallel? 🤔

    Edit: Im using macos

  31. RD girl u are the best. Well explained video. However the music is a bit annoying while u teaching the methodology.
    +Likes +Subs

  32. But how can you extract also the rigs?

    i mean… it varies from game to game but, how are you supposed to do that

  33. how do i rip models from a game event that ended a long time ago? i want to extract models from a event 1 year ago in Knives Out

  34. Everything worked until the file part. I opened the correct Nox.exe file but the "Textures" and other folder aren't showing up.

  35. Would this still work for a game that has been deleted off the Play Store? Like as if an APK file was made before it was unable to be installed again? I really want to try and rip the models from Call of Mini: Carnival

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