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Turn 2D Images into 3D Objects with Monster Mash! (Free Web Tool)

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Monster Mash () is a really cool & free web tool to quickly convert your 2D drawings or images into 3D meshes and even animate them! The results aren’t perfect but with a few adjustments in Blender you can improve them quite a bit.

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Video Instructor: Nik Kottmann

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  1. Free 3d assets just by cropping public domains animals pictures. The results will be much better than modeling organic stuff by myself 😁 (Well of course, nothing is 100% magic!)

  2. good for your share, many thanks 😍😍😍


  4. i drew but it says canvas empty , what a dumb app

  5. For selecting the legs you just need to press L, you don't need to press ctrl

  6. ok this is amazingggggggggg. thank you so much for the tip!!!

  7. Is there no eraser feature so I can erase some parts of my outline?

  8. Is it possible to use it also for hard chine objects such as buildings? Or does the inflating feature make the mesh always rounded?

  9. wtf 😀 im ex 3d artist & if u wana make this in a 3d software it need at least 1 hours or more guess

  10. Is there an app like monster mash that is available in the apple store so i can use my ipad and apple pencil?

  11. Tysm! I will use this for a safari roblox game 😀

  12. Maybe you could have added a part how to smoothen out the upper part of the model that still is left white.

  13. Guys, don't try to use this as an alternative for learning how to model animals for games. I mean just look at this thing 4:53, just put the effort in. Even if it takes a few years, you're gonna learn how to model animals quicker than ai will learn to do it for you. But whatever you do, don't use this tool now for game creation. I don't think you want 10,000 vert balloon animals in your games. I'm just warning you, use it for background stuff.

  14. Hi,

    If anyone can help me with this, I'd really appreciate it.

    GTLF download option on MonsterMash is dulled, & not clickable.

    What's weird is, I have other GTLF files, & there is no issue with them.. in fact I even made them using MonsterMash as well, about a month ago.

    Been stuck on this for about an hour!

    Thanks in advance, I know some genius has the answer.


  15. Cool monster. Was looking for something like this a few years back. Or was I blind?

  16. very nice. Can you take it to a 3d printer?

  17. When I click the image to turn it around it just starts morphing the image with points. How do I rotate it?

  18. Hi you subscriber here. Question? Can these files be exported to a 3D printer?

  19. it works great when i put some fast lines on it, but if i try to make annything more complicated than a simple circle it seem to tell me the canvas is empty am i doing something wrong ?

  20. Can this be used fo STL files for 3d printing?

  21. Hai Blender Daily 2d photo into 3d object i will get copyright or not? Thank you🙏

  22. This was interesting . Tried it on some rocks and got the textures but the textures are not showing when the model is UV unwrapped . Not sure why that is. Will explore more. :O)

  23. cool. I did an owl which turned out a bit creepy with a head on the back as well as the front but very interesting.

  24. Damn, this is insane! I was googling for 2D to 3D videos but this is mind-blowing bro Thank you for sharing this, such amazing tools have ever seen before!!

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