Touch - New 3D K-POP game! -

Touch – New 3D K-POP game!

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You can find this game through Facebook;
link – (App Page) :
link – (game) :

or, the official website;
link :

Mode : Touch
Song : HISTORY by EXO-K bpm:110
Difficulty : x6
Server : Fantasy Sky
I played this with my fellow guild mates Orange & Mikata and my close friend InS_Jw =). Btw DGNereus, here’s the song i told u about.

Edit(7/4/12) : OMG wow! Thank you Touch & Mstar players for 1.5k views! & the 6 likes ^^ + 1 dislike 😛 Oh, & thanks for making my vid one of the top search list for the game (I was searching Touch’s official website one day & I saw this video) I’m not one to brag or show off but, it’s just I’m just so happy. Thank you so much & Happy Touch-ing~! ^^

I do not own this game nor the songs. Recorded with bandicam


  1. there is touch 3 claws and this touch t4 games, what's the difference?

  2. My sister and I both downloaded U3D But don't know how to actually start playing. Help?

  3. Friends..
    Help Me..

    I Can't Play Touch Dance
    Always Stuck In First Loading 49%

    What Should I Do?

  4. what app did you use for video screen?

  5. what app did you use for video screen?

  6. Is this done with a touch screen, art tablet, or just arrow keys on computer?

  7. how can i download the game i doesn't have facebook,Can you help me??

  8. lag sml mà còn hiện bối cảnh đeo cánh nữa chứ

  9. tải về r sao ko đăng nhập đc là sao huhuh

  10. I can't control myself. I'm prssing the arrows while watching. And it's causing FORWARD and BACKWARD of the video. Lmao.

  11. Haha lols! I was astonished the moment I heard the intro.. hahaha EXO FANATICS BE LIKE! haha that feels when the songs that plays is from your favorite band hihi LOVE EXO VERY MUCH! EXOSTANS HERE

  12. Who want to 1v1
    IGN Rose <>
    I can only beat
    The fox x7
    Sugar free X6
    MAMA x7
    Electronic x7
    Kira Kira killer x6

  13. How do you change the font of the text xD? I'm VIP 3 but i click on font cyan and nothing and green and nothing and everything appears in white (My text) xD. You're cool :3

  14. wait the website is a computer base but I'm on my phone bang

  15. 2018 anyone? OMG so miss this game, when I was young I always play with my crush haha

  16. I dont know how to play this. When i try to ''join'' a game it says that i have to give my character but i dont know how

  17. Is it available on ios also is anyone here 2019

  18. How do I hide the chat and other stuffs while playing?

  19. Where can u play this game? Is it on android or pc?

  20. Oh my god. I really miss this game. But the problem is , I don’t know that still many people play this game nowadays. Can somebody tell me about this . If it’s still still many. I want to download it again. Thank you 😊

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