Top 5 Checkmates & Game Finishes | GRENKE Chess -

Top 5 Checkmates & Game Finishes | GRENKE Chess

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Enjoy the best checkmates and chess game finishes by Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Fabiano Caruana, Vincent Keymer and a lot more!

0:21 Vincent Keymer vs Dennis Wagner
02:08 Fabiano Caruana vs Evgeny Postny
04:34 Vincent Keymer vs Georg Meier
06:42 Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand
09:24 Peter Svidler vs Magnus Carlsen

The top 5 game finishes and checkmates of the last years of GRENKE Chess are arranged in this video compilation. From the legendary world champion battle between Carlsen and Anand to the Checkmate with a smile finish between Peter Svidler and the world chess champion. In addition the video includes the beautiful win of the German grandmaster Vincent Keymer at the GRENKE Chess Classic.



  1. White could have checkmated sooner.Rook covers white square next to king and check mated with bishop.

  2. Why we have to watch a game, where Caruana has an extra Rook??

  3. 12:14 It’s cool when a player has lost but goes to checkmate just for the beauty of the game.

  4. Legebds said those two Ultra Legends are still discussing

  5. what happened between meier vs keymar tho i don't understand why didn't he take the white queen with his pawn why did they shake hands for nothing???

  6. 11:09 he was really ready to take that note. That was fast.

  7. Chess is a game where if you win all the credit goes to you but if you lose then only you are responsible for it.

  8. it's so weird to see a quiet chess game in what is usually a whopping cough extravaganza

  9. esta partida de Magnus VS Svidler será recordada por siempre, no solo por el Jaque mate si no por la humildad y humanidad.

  10. Its so cool when they discuss after match

  11. Just getting into chess and I'm mindblown at the speed that these people move

  12. Why are they writing ….is anything serious

  13. Stalemate, ladies and gentlemen.
    It's when the King is not on Check, but when it moves it got Check.

  14. Here you can see some hired coughers

  15. I dont know what the hell they are doing and i dont know shit about chess but still find this highly interesting.

  16. How is the first one even a checkmate? I don't think it is

  17. as someone who doesn't play chess, could anyone explain why he won in the first game? was it because the other player didn't have time left?

  18. i hate player who constantly staring at opponent, its like what the hell are you looking at man?

  19. love just sitting here and not having a clue how the game works at all lol

  20. Don’t understand why it’s called 5 checkmates since carlsen vs a and was a draw……

  21. 3:57 if white moves his queen to E3 and puts the king in check on the brown diagonal, its check mate, how does everyone miss this?? Or am I missing something?

  22. at the end of the first game couldtn the guy just move his pawn up one space???

  23. Don’t understand the first one for me no checkmate

  24. Okay I’m trying to get better at chess. Why didn’t the third clip either sac his one queen to take the opps queen because he still had another one but also who the hell won?

  25. Buddy it's a draw between Vishy and Carlsen!!

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