Top 20 Sonic 3D Fan Games -

Top 20 Sonic 3D Fan Games

Luigy Monsores
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00:00 – Intro

00:02 20 – Sonic the Hedgehog 3D:

01:00 19 – Sonic X-Treme Unity:

02:00 18 – Sonic Encore Engine:

03:00 17 – Sonic Adventure Blast:

04:00 16 – Sonic Spirits:

05:00 15 – Sonic World DX:

06:00 14 – Sonic GDK:

07:00 13 – Sonic Adventure 3:

08:00 12 – Sonic Dash Engine:

09:00 11 – Sonic Z-Treme:

10:00 10 – Sonic Arcus:

11:00 9 – Ring Engine:

12:00 8 – Sonic Illusion:

13:00 7 – Sonic GT:

14:00 6 – Sonic 2020: Episode White Jungle & Episode Shadow of Water:

15:00 5 – Riders Project:

16:00 4 – Sonic P-06:

17:00 3 – Sonic Robo Blast 2:

18:00 2 – Sonic Project Hero:

19:00 1 – Sonic Utopia:

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  1. 7:14 O grito do Sonic me lembrou o jogo do Michael Jackson pra Mega Drive!

  2. I don't know much about any Sonic fan games, but I have at least two favorite Sonic fan games and are there any other Sonic fan games like them?

    My Top Favorite Sonic Fan Games
    1. Sonic Adventure Chronicles
    2. Sonic Omens

  3. Sonic GT should be second or first, it was Sonic's most complete recent 3D fan game (With the exception of SRB2 which receives updates until today, but the game was still released in the past)

  4. How il can downolad Sonic green hill paradise i downolading it and when it downolad i pressing LaunchGame.bat but its giving error how il can repair it?

  5. “Sonic adventure 3” biggest stretch of the year

  6. Every Game:
    0:02 Sonic The Hedgehog 3D
    1:00 Sonic X-Treme Untiy
    1:59 Sonic Encore Engine
    2:59 Sonic Adventure Blast
    4:00 Sonic Spirits: Infinity Engine
    4:59 Sonic World DX
    5:59 Sonic GDK
    6:58 Sonic Adventure 3
    8:00 Sonic Dash Engine
    8:59 Sonic Z-Treme
    10:00 Sonic Arcus
    11:00 Ring engine
    11:59 Sonic Illusion
    12:59 Sonic GT
    14:00 Sonic 2020: Episode White Jungle & Episode Shadow of Water
    14:59 Riders Project
    15:09 Sonic Project-06
    17:00 Sonic Robo Blast 2 V2.2
    17:59 Sonic Project Hero
    18:59 Sonic Utopia

  7. How is Sonic Battle R not on this list lol? It literally has the best version of wave ocean ever made. Custom characters and exploration.

  8. i found out that literally most of the fangames aren't compatible with macOS

  9. Litterally nobody is talking about the clickbait aspect
    What is the point of a top 10 without insightful commentary

  10. Sonic Revert is so goooood, needs to be on here but idk if it was out then

  11. 19:02 Utopia is great, but the creator is very lazy about the Project. Project Hero is a constantly updating game, in progress. I think the two should switch places on the list.

  12. The map of Sonic Encore Engine gives me Sonic Boom vibes

  13. hey do you happen t ohave the files of games that were not able to download i would really like to play them 🙂

  14. It’s humiliating to Sega how a few Sonic Fans can make way better games than the entire development team at Sega.

  15. me gusta este video porque le puso los mejores fan games gracias

  16. how did you play windmill isle in project hero?

  17. the firt one is just a downgrade of srb2 if not modded

  18. Explain to me. Why can fans make good Sonic games but Sega can't? I don't understand…

  19. How do you get sonic GDK to work on windows 10? it doesn't work for me.

  20. does anyone have sonic spirits media fire link

  21. sonic robo blast 2 was created in 98 but otherwise good list

  22. Please don't count modified engines as fan games. They're not.

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