Top 100 3D Renders from the Internet's Largest CG Challenge | Alternate Realities -

Top 100 3D Renders from the Internet’s Largest CG Challenge | Alternate Realities

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All Renders Montage:

Over the last month, I challenged 3D artists with the Alternate Realities CG challange. I provided an animation for everyone to work from, and the results were stunning. 2,400 artists delivered, the top 100 were chosen for this montage, and 5 of them walked away with insane prizes from Rokoko, Wacom, Quixel, PNY and Aftershokz (I personally reached out to my favorite companies in order to give away the tools I use every day.)

Original Soundtrack by Feverkin:
Artist Appendix:

1st – Stephen Grimm 1:32
2nd – Klay Abele 0:22
3rd – Julienne Aldric 8:37
4th – Stefan Frank 2:12
5th – Pierson Edwards 6:22


My VFX Assets:
Limited Edition Prints:

360 Camera:
Studio Lights:
Desktop Mic:
LAV Mic:
Monitor Lamp:
How I Learned Cinema 4D:

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro RTX a6000
RAM: 64GBs // (4) RipJaw Series V sticks
Display: (2) 1080p 60Hz ASUS VP278H

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  1. сергей стрелков молодец, его работа прям выделилась для меня среди остальных

  2. Honestly outstanding, but 8:15 should've never been featured… so bad

  3. I LOVE this montage. Such immense talent and creativity.

  4. Good job at making this man i like it its relaxing also i respect you man

  5. Pretty amazing , i never saw something remarkable like that before , i woud like to participate someday , thx for great work

  6. Every single one of them would make a great movie.

  7. Am I the only one who thought of this vidéo when Starlord pushed the cage in The guardians of the Galaxy game ?

  8. 5:48 I just noticed that there's a man with laptop working on what seems to be editing software (premiere?), did the author just put himself in the clip?

  9. What software did you guys use to render these

  10. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Calm and Awe, The range of feelings that different renders can induce is amazing!

  11. Really cool, some very talented & imaginative people!

  12. I am a Japanese who does not speak English. But I want to show this story to my kids! ありがとう!素晴らしい!

  13. У самурая нет цели,есть только путь

  14. The samurai has no goal, there is only a path

  15. 10 mins video, but it took me 30 mins to watch it. Had to pause a lot of times just to observe the beautiful environment

  16. I honestly think the true winners here are us the spectators because we had the chance to see all those fantastic creations

  17. I used this video as a wallpaper for my pc and it's one of the best ideas I've ever had in a while

  18. i really wish i could get one of these as my wallpaper on my pc

  19. This is why I love the internet so freaking much.

  20. Free tips…..
    Download this video and set as your live wallpaper 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  21. 8:23 this games should make environment of their games…

  22. I love the one with the shields and the dragon flaming the guy. Almost all are awesome.

  23. It's great, it's hard to say which is better and which is worse, because they are all perfect. Respect to all people who made this masterpiece.

  24. This is absolute beauty.

    This video makes me think of how some people say, digital art is not art, because the computer does it all. Oh how stubborn they are. The incredible skills and unbelievable creativity in every single shot makes this almost an overkill in fascination. My skills aren't developped enough yet, but I have to be a part of a future challenge of this kind. I need to check the full version with all clips.

  25. They are all so very good. The level of detail is incredible and some are very moving and stirring.
    Thanks to all the artists and thanks for putting it together. I haven't enjoyed watching something so much for a wee while.

  26. Creativity overdose!! I'll watch it over and over for a better appreciation of each story! Great video to see when you feel uninspired or bored of your surroundings ! Lastly, the 1.7 K that disliked it are dead inside…

  27. Reminds me of Death Stranding's alternative bridge link.
    Woah there's actually one of them literally death stranding 0:52

  28. Some of thess are perfect for Love Death Robot 3

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