Top 10 Best Mario Games -

Top 10 Best Mario Games

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Here are our picks for the best Mario games of the past three decades.

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  1. This was made after odyssey’s release, no love

  2. I see a lot of people upset over sunshine, but personally I'm upset Paper Marip TTYD isnt on here, love that game. But, very happy Yoshis Island is so high on the list, such a classic

  3. Why Super Mario 2 is in 9
    Because it’s game of the year baby!!

  4. Bhai 9 no wali Ka naam kya hai

  5. Is this video like… 100% based on nostalgia or what?

  6. My 2 favorite mario games
    Super mario world
    Super mario 64

  7. Galaxy 1 & 2
    Super Mario Bros 1-3
    3D Land
    Super Mario 64
    New Super Mario Bros 1 & 2

  8. Top 5best mario games
    5 super mario sunshine
    4 super mario 3d land
    3 super mario gaxley 2
    2 super mario bros
    1 super mario 64

  9. Top ten best mario games
    10 super mario bros 2
    9 super mario land
    8 super mario maker
    7 new super mario bros will
    6 super mario bros
    5 paper mario thousands of door
    4 super mario sunshine
    3 super mario gaxley
    2 super mario world
    1 super mario odyssey

  10. IGN: Super Mario World is better than 3d world, sunshine, galaxy, galaxy 2, super Mario maker, super Mario 64, Mario kart 8, and every other game. Not even a joke watch top 100 games it beat out BOTW and Odyessy.

  11. top mario games in my opinion the galaxy games and super mario bros 3

  12. Why the flip is Super Mario Land 2 on the list but not Sunshine?

  13. Mario 64 “It may not be the best Mario game on our list”
    Puts it at number 2

  14. My list goes as follows:
    10. Super Mario Bros 2
    9. New Super Mario Bros Wii
    8. Super Mario 3D World
    7. Super Mario World
    6. Super Mario Maker 2
    5. Super Mario Sunshine
    4. Super Mario 64
    3. Super Mario Bros 3
    2. Super Mario Odyssey
    1. Super Mario Galaxy 1+2

  15. Here are my top 10

    10 super Mario bro’s u deluxe
    9 super Mario run
    8 yoshi island Mario world 2
    7 Mario kart 8 deluxe
    6 super Mario 3D land
    5 Mario maker 2
    4 super Mario world
    3 super Mario sunshine
    2 super Mario galaxy
    1 super Mario oddesey

  16. Idk how all these videos dont even consider paper mario yall dont know what yall missing

  17. This was the first game I played on pc
    Lots of memories ❤️❤️

  18. Um Super Mario World 2 is way too high Odyssey,Sunshine ,Galaxy much better

  19. Super Mario World better than both Galaxy games and Mario 3? No.

  20. Top ten best mario games
    10 super Mario bros 2
    9 super Mario 3d world
    8 super Mario maker
    7 new super Mario bros
    6 super Mario bros
    5 super Mario sunshine
    4 super Mario galaxy
    3 super Mario bros 3
    2 super Mario land 2
    1 super Mario 64

  21. Why is galaxy so low I also love how he put yoshi's island on the list when it's not even a maneline mario game

  22. Top ten best mario games
    10 super mario bors 2
    9 super mario 3d world
    8 super mario maker
    7 new super mario bors ds
    6 super mario sunshine
    5 super mario gaxley
    4 paper mario
    3 super mario bors
    2 super mario bors 3
    1 super mario 64

  23. Yoshis Island I thought was the worst. Replace it with sunshine and the list is salvageable

  24. Sunshine shouldn’t be there.
    Mario oddessey should 1000000000000% be number one

  25. Complaints:
    No sunshine
    Galaxy at 7th
    Made 3 days before Odyssey was hi I would obviously make it first place seeing as how they gave it a 10/10

  26. Super Mario Sunshine is my favourite, followed by galaxy 2

  27. Top ten best mario games
    10 super Mario land
    9 super Mario 3d world
    8 super Mario maker
    7 new super Mario bros ds
    6 paper mario thousand of door
    5 super Mario galaxy
    4 super Mario bros
    3 Mario and luigi superstar saga
    2 super Mario sunshine
    1 super Mario world 2 yoshi Island

  28. Super Mario World. Without doubt, the best Super Mario Bros game.

  29. Super Mario 64 is too high. It has not aged that well. If you need to be there in 1996 to appreciate how amazing it is, that’s not very great

  30. My person list from enjoyment not counting Party, Kart, Olympics, RPG or any others
    1. New Mario Bros Wii
    2. Mario 64
    3. Mario Galaxy
    4. Mario Oddysey
    5. Mario Maker 2
    6. Super Mario Bros.
    7. Mario Sunshine
    8. Mario 3
    9. Mario World
    10. Mario 2

  31. How tf is Super Mario Sunshine not on this list? This is why people don’t trust IGN these days. Also, y’all really should’ve waited a little longer to make this video so you could put Super Mario Odyssey on this list, where it belongs.

  32. Paper Mario Series: am i a joke to you?

  33. IGN named smb3 the greatest game of all time in a previous list but somehow it’s not the top Mario game. Not agreeing or disagreeing with that choice it’s just odd to me lol

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