The Superb Mario Medley (feat. Labo Piano) -

The Superb Mario Medley (feat. Labo Piano)

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This is a whole bunch of tunes from every mainline Mario game, played on a whole bunch of instruments!
I know many of you found me back in 2008 with my Wind Waker Unplugged video, so I thought I’d make something similar for my 10 year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been that long…

Anyway, I put all my efforts into this one, so I hope you’ll enjoy!

* Arrangements, performances, paper cutting (for headwear), audio mixing/mastering and video editing by FreddeGredde
* Original songs owned by Nintendo
* Download the song at
* Tabs/chords are here:
* Melody notes are here:
* Thanks xRavenXp for letting me use your high quality gaming footage:

Songs I cover (spoiler alert!):
0:05 Super Mario World: Title
0:20 Super Mario Bros. 2: Character Select
0:33 Super Mario Bros. 1: Overworld
0:45 Super Mario Galaxy: Good Egg Galaxy
1:08 Super Mario Bros. 3: Overworld
1:19 New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Title
1:27 Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield
1:35 Super Mario Odyssey: New Donk City
1:48 New Super Mario Bros. 1/2: Walking the Plains
1:56 New Super Mario Bros. U: Overworld
2:06 Super Mario Land: Birabuto Kingdom
2:22 Super Mario 3D World: Super Bell Hill
2:31 Super Mario Galaxy 2: Starship Mario
2:47 Super Mario World: Forest of Illusion
3:03 Super Mario Galaxy: Comet Observatory
3:17 Super Mario Odyssey: Fossil Falls
3:31 Super Mario 3D Land: Winter Wonderland
3:41 Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island: Athletic
3:57 Super Mario Sunshine: Delfino Plaza
4:09 Super Mario Land 2: Athletic
4:23 Super Mario Galaxy 2: Yoshi Star Galaxy
4:41 Super Mario Bros. 2: Overworld
4:52 Super Mario Land: Chai Kingdom
5:04 Super Mario 64: Dire Dire Docks
5:22 Super Mario Galaxy: Gusty Garden Galaxy
5:53 Super Mario Bros. 1: Game Over


  1. i wish there's an extended one in sm64 theme

  2. i like super mario bros 3 and super mario world

  3. This is amazing and also how long did it take you to make this

  4. It's already been 3 years. Feels like just yesterday that I got this in my recommended

  5. 와… 갓띵곡

    여러분이 그토록 찾던 한국어입니다.

  6. super mario bros 1 theme is extremly overrated, and its probably the worst song out of all of these

  7. This is the best Melody videos because Mario music is so different from one game to another

  8. This is so good! I've never played anything in the Mario franchise particularly well (interpret as you will) but as a musician I still love those jams that get stuck in your brain forever. Lovely medley.

    also the ocarina that looks like a LOZ ocarina is just so good I love it in this Mario medly

  9. The real mvp instrument play was the disembodied hand tho

  10. I love that he uses an ocarina of time in a Mario medley😂

  11. Alright, where's the updated version to include Bowser's Fury stuff? Lake Lapcat maybe?


  12. lol the Phill Collins of Game Music EPIC!!

  13. Why is Nintendo so good at making music and why are fans so good at remixing and remastering those tracks


  15. I’m amazed by how many instruments u can play 🎹🎼🎻

  16. I like how near the end of forest of illusion Mario was like ight ima head out.

  17. It’s funny how some are smiling and some of them just look dead.

  18. Incredible 😄😄😄😄☺️☺️☺️👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  19. mario is a good violinist

  20. 。プリンは3個入りパックがお得 says:


  21. You may think Orange Guy is the best Mario character but Hot Take:
    Blue Guy Best Character.

  22. This is literally a one man orchestra, amazing work!

  23. i’ve watched this way too many times that when i hear the an actual song in game i think it’s gonna cut the the next song it did in this

  24. This video has now been up for 1 year, and it's gotten a whoppin' 4 million views! Crazy! Thank you guys! 🙂

    I will post a new game medley pretty soon! Hope you'll like that one as well.

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