The Sith Were Playing Checkers While REVAN was Playing 4D Chess -

The Sith Were Playing Checkers While REVAN was Playing 4D Chess

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The only way to defeat a sith is to become one?

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  1. Basically Revan is Thrawn with cool Force abilities

  2. Revan did what he did because he believes he did what he did

  3. It makes sense why he’s not considered to be a Sith that came back to the dark side because he was kind of never either. He’s peak gray Jedi, using the force not being controlled by it. Biggest Chad in Star Wars history.

  4. Revan really took Mandalore the Ultimates mask and said to the rest of the Mandalorians: “you can have this back when you learn to play nice”

  5. If Disney didn't let Kathleen Kennedy loose with her leftie SJW retardation, and used someone intelligent for designing new SW trilogy, then we would likely get one about Revan. It's the perfect trilogy material tbh.

  6. When revan wins AGAIN:“a fine addition to my collection

  7. Everyone’s dream:

    Star Wars: Birth of Revan
    A story starting with him and the crusaders finding the mask and ending with him killing Mandolore the ultimate and at the very end in a twist finding the emperor and being converted to the dark side.

    Star Wars: Wound in the force
    Takes place with we’re part 1 left off with Revan breaking free of the emperors mind control and starting the Jedi civil war, eventually fighting his apprentice and ending with him being thought for dead after his apprentices betrayal.

    Star Wars: Light Reborn
    Revan has memory erased and is retained, by the Jedi until he is eventually sent to find the lost maps to the star forge. Eventually being captured by Malik. Finding Shan his love corrupted he converts her back to the light and she kills Malik ending the war and they live happily together. However Revan eventually tired of that life and sets off to find sith presence in the unknown regions leading to his captures for 300 years.

    Star Wars: Light and Dark
    Revan after 300 years of torture is free and swears revenge on the sith emperor who died 3 years prior wishing to kill his spirit. Knowing the danger of the emperors resurrection the Jedi try to stop him and the sith as well not wanting the dead sith to be completely destroyed. Eventually Revan dies but is resurrected from his spirit being shattered between light and dark and his will for revenge. Eventually the Emperor is resurrected and huge battle takes place with Revans two sides connected and allowing him to die and his spirit assist the rebels in killing the emperor and the empire, with Revan and the force being at peace.

  8. I just realised that your intro didn't include the "attention sergeant on deck"

  9. Hermaeus Mora, your favourite Daedric Prince says:

    revam is comically underrated sometimes. i saw a whowouldwin thread once where people thought hed lose to ahsoka. i mean i loooove ahsoka but… really??

  10. What a load of B.S. Revan was corrupted by Vishiate but in an act of defiance he decided to create his own empire to rival the sith emperor's empire. After Bastila saved him the taint of the dark side that the emperor casted was removed and Revan was truly free to chose his own path, and that's your role in the game KOTOR I. Yes Revan chose the dark side, but only after he was corrupted by Vishiate, he chose it not because of free will but more because of his will being crushed by the mighty emperor.

  11. Revan was Michael Jordan. Rey is a WNBA player. Revan is the last Jedi who truly followed balance. He fell to the dark side but then came back to the light. He had balance because he had seen both sides.

  12. Please, please stop saying "4D chess." It doesn't mean anything. Or rather, it means that the chessboard changes with time and you can move pieces into the past and/or the future configurations of the board in a single game. And since that can't possibly happen, there is no such thing as 4D chess. 3D chess adds a third dimension to the game. Both 2D and 3D have forward/backward, left/right, but 3D adds up/down. Please, it's a really stupid slang term.

  13. Let's stop talking about Mandalorians rights and lets start talking about Mandalorians wrongs.

  14. I thought it was Mandem written in the picture

  15. Legit read the picture for the vid as “Moom” and I was like wtf is the retard trying to say then realized… I was the retard all along…

  16. He did not fall tho the dark side? Did he not rip
    Malec’s jaw off ?? Yhea no he fell

  17. Just imagine out of nowhere Revan comes in the next movie and completely wrecks shit. I will still hate the new movies but Revan being in it will be a huge step forward.

    I know he is super old but maybe he will pull an Emperor palp.

  18. "He's farming potatoes, WHILE I'M PLAYING DEATH NOTE!"

  19. I feel like everyone in this comment section is a
    SIMP to revan

  20. Revan is the true Sith. He is completely free.

  21. I suspect his Rule of Two thing was a trick by his holocron to screw over the Sith. Remember that even as a Darth he was actually trying to destroy the Sith, so it makes since his holocron would fuck them over. From the MMO, SWTOR, we can clearly see that having multiple apprentices was no problem at all for any Sith, which means we know it is a fact that Revan's gatekeeper lied about it to Bane.

  22. Imagine the conversations him and Darth Jadus could have.

  23. Understanding the sith and truly becoming one was a major difference Revan understood. He never fell, he simply did so out of necessity

  24. Didn’t Revan become a Sith due to his contact with the Sith emperor who consumed a planet? He and Malak went there and tried to kill the emperor but were defeated and turned into tools against the Republic. They managed to break free of the emperors will but not the dark side. Then Revan came back, was captured and tried to take down the emperor again but was betrayed by Lord Scourge due to Lord Scourges force visions of another champion of the light defeating the Emperor?

  25. No one:
    Revan: "you fool! I have 70 alternate accounts!"

  26. Revan and Legends Luke are Star Wars' biggest chads.

  27. I like how even when he was talking about when Revan was working with the jedi he kept showing Revan with red sabers. Its the small details man.

  28. Thumbs up if you hate the Disney movies. Comments if you miss the EU.

  29. Palpatine: I have brought down the republic.
    Bane: You used my plans
    Revan: Children please

  30. "Revan was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force." – Kreia

  31. The title should be the Jedi council was playing checkers and revan was playing 3D chess. His order would have got whipped out by the true sith empire. What he saw , witness and endure when he met the sith emperor is what made him consider the dark side.

  32. Revan shouldn't have been redeemed, he should have remained a sith to the end – he was just 2 cool.

  33. Always between light and darkness, as well as a skilled tactician and fighter – And one of my favourite character in Legends.

  34. this isn't a conceit on par with uber grey jedi, but inherently never liked the idea that you could just use the dark side like a tool, or like a different source of magic. as if revan isn't OP enough (brilliant tactician, super duper force user, only person visionary enough to find and see these true sith threats, and now only darksider who's not really a darksider)

    there's gotta be a way to craft star wars stories that don't somehow involve one person being better than literally everyone around them, combined (ahem new trilogy). like, revan is larger than life to just a comical extent, with nobody before or after coming close to being anywhere near his level. That's kind of weird.

    and all said and done this is one of the reasons I legit prefer kotor 2. Revan is just every kids power fantasy, and while it worked for me as a kid it doesn't really hold up that well. hope the remake tones down his infallibleness, because it's both wonky storytelling and sends a pretty warped message imho.

  35. This is great. Have you done a video exploring how he winds up in the situation he's in in SWTOR?

  36. It's classic Machiavelli and redemption. He was brutalized by what he saw and though he wasn't evil as he served the light at first, but adapted to the Mandalorian tactics and saw the evil of the Sith Empire. But when he saw what he had become after he was brain wiped, he redeemed himself. That's just great character development and a classic archetype. I don't get why Disney Star Wars doesn't hit this basic concept, great heroes who struggle and aren't perfect. Truly epic stories and battles

  37. Perfect characters are kind of boring. Look at the golden era of Cinema in the 70s that produced episode 4 like Deer Hunter, the Godfather, Apocalypse Now or Taxi Driver. Flawed main characters have depth, like Tony Soprano, Michael Corleone or Jack Sparrow are usually more fun than bland characters that are never wrong, never mean and always perfect.

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