The shortest game of Magnus Carlsen's chess career! -

The shortest game of Magnus Carlsen’s chess career!

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Magnus Carlsen came to the game played five moves, offered a draw to Vidit Gujrathi and it all ended in just five moves! What happened? Check out in this video as we bring you the entire footage.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. i really love seeing the first 5 secs of the video lol, those smiles really made my day cuz i recieved 5 grumpy faces today after playing with adults lol

  2. Stupid question but how do you know Carlsen if offering a draw?

  3. Why did he quit. There was no checkmate and no stalemate. What was that.

  4. I can't find which moment magnus did offer draw please someone help me?

  5. Magnus 1 second after shaking his hand: “I have a terrible stomach ache….and now you will too”

  6. Don't drink the water in 3rd world countries man it's like when you go to bali brush your teeth with bottled water lol

  7. Didnt Vidit just lose his queen in the end anyway?

  8. Everyone talking about why Magnus offered draw…
    Me looking at Sagar Shah and Amruta's confused faces lmao

  9. Can someone tell me why they move the kings together at the end?

  10. 2nd shortest after the bong cloud repetition with Hikaru

  11. Everyone here who was confused, magnus offered a draw, and vidit accepted it. I see so many ppl here saying that magnus won because there was a handshake, no, that happens after every match regardless of result, those ppl are braindead don’t listen to them

  12. He didn’t lose ? Why would he forfeit? Pussy?

  13. That guy mind voice : i just try to play chess 😌😂

  14. 63 million views ….that's serious humiliation for vidit ….chess base india made a carrer out of this video

  15. Game was almost finished the kid got trapped with Magnum mantri and horse

  16. For those wondering, Magnus has IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and he was experiencing the following symptoms — nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.
    And therefore offered a draw so he could hurry back to his room to defecate.

  17. At 01:16 Aunty and the girl in audience, be like arey sara paisa lagae the satta mein, magnus saala duba dia🤣🤣

  18. He’s not even in check mate🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. if you get a chance to play Magnus, for godsake, play him the whole way…

  20. Thanks algorithm for this, I don't get the joke. ?!?

  21. If Vidit was ambitious, he wouldn't have accepted the draw offer. Carlsen would have had to leave the game because he had a bad stomach. Thus he would have defeated Vidit Carlsen. But Vidit was a gentleman. Is it more important to win or to be fair? The answer to this is up to you.

  22. That Confusion of Sagar Shah in the Background 🤣

  23. I like how the guy took off one of the pieces to make it look like he did something

  24. I would accept the draw even if Magnus only has the king and a pawn. He would come up with something crazy Hahaha

  25. My mum always used to try and teach me chess when I was younger to no avail. I wasn't interested at all. Now older and wiser I absolutely love it. My boyfriend who is an extreme introvert and an extremely good player, patiently and lovingly taught me over lock down. Now I'm proud to say we batlle every week when we have time. This game has taught me so much about patience and being more strategic in my thinking. I've won once, I'm sure he just let me win. It felt good!! But I'm sure he was just being kind. But I am determined this Christmas to battle it out and WIN FAIR AND SQUARE!!. I'm currently researching how to become a better player. Obviously quietly, he doesn't know 😁🤣😂 PRAY FOR ME 😂🤣😝🙏

  26. The very first chess match where a chess player has to take a shit

  27. Can someone explain to me why he offered a draw? No pieces were taken and the game had just started

  28. Podemos llegar a los 10 seguidores? 🔥🔥 says:

    Soy el único al que le estresa cuando aprietan el aparatito ese?

  29. I played a master once who was suffering digestive problems. I waited patiently through our two hours game that he would offer me a draw, but it never happened. He won and went to the toilet afterwards.

  30. Bc mujhe ye he smj ni aata h ..jeeta kaun h or haara kaun h….dono he chl diye

  31. Very classy of both guys, tbh. The Chess Community rules.

  32. What are you guys talking about? Black has losing position! Ng5 takes pawn on f7! Attacking both the Queen and the Rook on the next move! The game is over!

  33. Why do us British, the people who invented Chess, like everything else, not have a champion?

  34. What's the hold-up? I know Vidit Gujrathi's king isn't threatened yet after 5 moves.

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