THE QUEST CONTINUES! 100%-ing ALL 3D Mario Games!! [SMG Ep.1] -

THE QUEST CONTINUES! 100%-ing ALL 3D Mario Games!! [SMG Ep.1]

Alex CND
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  1. whats up glad to see your back been here since my new retro game collection

  2. Used to watch u back in 2016-2017 glad Ur back

  3. where you been bro, not seen anything from you for what seems like years

  4. I WAS JUST WATCHING YOU THE OTHER DAY LIKE "Man I miss him so much, hope he comes back." LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. I will watch your videos if make the older videos and your “family friendly” Thats one of the reasons I watched. (Don’t judge me)

  6. I just want the vids back but it’s really nice to see he‘s okay

  7. Hey CND, remember in the good old days when you had pg13 videos?

  8. why are you leaving and returning and leaving and returning

  9. Welcome back Alex! Missed you dude, Happy to hear you're doing good!~ 🙂

  10. It's funny that I always see youtubers coming back with a new video like days after it was uploaded, like cnd. But I'm still happy he's back.

  11. Comes back as if nothing happen
    Clear picture he doesn’t care about his future

  12. if he wasnt lazy his fandom would be so much bigger,
    im not a hater i watch the vids just so you know.
    But im kinda sad with CND he just threw everything away
    and looks like a looser now smh.

  13. I’m glad you are back man I like your hair man

  14. i watched this before doing my homework, and a day later i got a switch so i've been watching all of cnd's streams so then i'll get cool stuff the next day. hasn't worked but it's worth a try

  15. You. Are. A. Beast. And. Do. You. Still. Smoke

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