The Imbalance Theory Ep 15 | Learning Imbalances from Carlsen's games ft. Biswa, Vaibhav -

The Imbalance Theory Ep 15 | Learning Imbalances from Carlsen’s games ft. Biswa, Vaibhav

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Through all his trainings IM Sagar Shah speaks about the imbalance method which he learnt through the books of Jeremy Silman. This technique has changed his understanding in chess and his ability to assess any position. While Sagar has covered this Theory in his 22 episode series of “Improve your chess with IM Sagar Shah” he is now going to go over it in great detail with some of the best stand-up comedians.

Why was this not taught to them before? It’s been nearly a year, hasn’t it? Well, the reason is that their level was not upto the mark to understand it before. Now they have strengthened themselves as players and it is the right time to dive into the world of imbalances.

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  1. Can you somehow share the file in which you have written the important points about each imbalance? Maybe Google drive or uploading the file on your website..

  2. Amazing session. Sagar bhai it would be great if you can invite Biswa, Vaibhav and Samay for Chess Classics.

  3. Biswa feeling peer pressure like jee coaching classes lol

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