The Gamer's Grind: Strato Chess, Magician's Kitchen, Robo Rally -

The Gamer’s Grind: Strato Chess, Magician’s Kitchen, Robo Rally

The Gamers Grind
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Quick overview of Strato Chess which people occassionally mistake for “Star Trek Chess”, also a great Family/kids game Magician’s Kitchen where you have to avoid invisible obstacles which will trip you up making you spill your potions, and lastly the classic robot racing game Robo Rally with a hint or two on making keeping it simple and also a hint to make it crazy complex.


  1. I believe in strato chess one player is on top board and another on bottom board

  2. I'm always intimidated by chess so a 3-level chess is just simply scary!

  3. i want to try this! i suck a chess but this looks fun

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