The First Level of every 3D Mario Game. -

The First Level of every 3D Mario Game.

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There is something really interesting about the 3D Super Mario series, and that is, that the different 3D Super Mario games don’t have much in common with each other. All the Super Mario games use the same enemies, and obstacles and characters and whatnot, but the gameplay in the 3D Super Mario games dramatically changes from one to the next.
Yet, all of them are highly critically acclaimed games, and all the games are among the best selling games on their nintendo console. This, kind of leaves us with a question? What wizardry did nintendo practice to make all those games so successful, while making all of them so different? Well, in this video we are going to investigate this question, we are going to take a look at the very first world of all the 3D Super Mario games, as a stand in for the whole game, we will discuss, how nintendo evolved the series, what new ideas nintendo tried, what worked, where they failed, and we will try to find out why all the 3D Super Mario games are so different.

——————-Credits for the Music————————–
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga OST – Teehee Valley
Super Mario Sunshine OST – Bianco Hills
Super Mario 3D World OST – Super Bell Hill
Super Mario 64 OST – Bob Omb Battlefield
Super Mario Galaxy OST – Good Egg Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST – Sky Station Galaxy
Super Mario 3D Land OST – Overworld Theme
Super Mario Odyssey OST – Fossil Falls


HolFix – Beyond The Kingdom

——Kevin MacLeod
“Adventure Meme”, “Thinking Music”
Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Make new content on mm2 and its macanics. Your the only on doing it! And it helps so inmens for makers that just started imo. 😉

  2. If mario sunshine had been even more developed than it was, maybe galaxy would have been pushed to the Wii u, and there would be a sunshine 2 instead of galaxy getting a sequel.

    How do I get to that universe

  3. I think what would have been cool (and I can probably just do this myself, but I'm lazy) would be when at the beginning when Ceave talked about the games successes would be to compare sales from the consoles by sales of the games, because this is a sad truth I had to face as a child, The Wii U clearly didn't do as well as the Wii, so 3D world is already given a disadvantage against Galaxy 1 and 2.

  4. Honestly, Like the slower, more serious, down to earth ceave
    oh god it's nintendos 3d movement issues in ceave form..

  5. Man, you could’ve played the remade version of 3 of these games if you waited a bit longer

  6. I can sleep comfortably knowing that this person is somewhere on this planet. You are literally a treasure

  7. Wow that was heavy i hope ceave is doing great now

  8. 0:30
    I thought petey piranha was a male, plus that’s a Dino piranha that has nothing to do with petey

  9. "Of course it was because of the girls"

  10. It's not only Mario's movement that's the star of the show in Mario 64. The camera is as well.

  11. It's arguable whether the Cascade Kingdom IS actually Odyssey's first level.

  12. We love you! We love your videos! But as much as we love them, your sanity comes first. Thank you for the wonderful content, and take it easy on yourself.

  13. When they said ,if we had favourites, why did a fuzzy appear?

  14. whos watching when super mario 3d allstars out

  15. Ceave: And the next 3D Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii!
    Super Mario 64 DS: Am I a joke to you?

  16. Isn’t the first level in Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom?

  17. Watching this video, I'm starting to think that Odyssey 2 should really have a bit of 'best of 3D Mario' thing to it. The first one had some 64 nostalgia, so the next one should throw Sunshine and Galaxy in too.

    Have the platforming sections be based on Galaxy and, on top of one of the worlds being based on Isle Delfino, have sections in each world where Mario swaps Cappy for Flud for the occasional challenge.

    Also, I'd like to see a Donkey Kong level. Specifically modern Donkey Kong Country and not Mario history Donkey Kong. Have those damn rabbits steal his bananas for whatever they're party planning (the vague idea I have in my head has them as the main antagonists with no Bowser, which is weird considering I hated them) and Mario has to go into DK's world for once.

  18. Its so weird that 3d land and 3d world remove marios triple jump but even the 2d games have a triple jump when you sprint lol

  19. because of the girls? What happened?

  20. Ceave : Mario sunshine could have been the best Mario game

    Mario Odyssey and 3D world : am I a joke to you ?

  21. I remember playing galaxy when I was little and I had no Idea about all the different movement options

  22. "Mario Galaxy was the first 3D Mario game to get a direct sequel"
    Where's SM64DS?

  23. That one kid in the comments: uM, hOW dArE yOU! sUPeR pAPeR maRIo wAS THe fIRSt mARIO GAmE oN thE wII!!!

  24. 6:57 “But they rushed it and it turned out just amazing”
    Me: Visible Confusion

  25. why did he call peewee piranha a girl isnt he a male

  26. 4:55 the dive was actually in SM64, when you ran or jumped fast enough and then pressed B

  27. You can long jump in Mario galaxy! As well as side sumersalt and triple jump!

  28. Ceave: Points out shorter long jumps in Galaxy and Galaxy 2

    Cloud Flower: Hold my beer

  29. I wonder if they're actually trying to nail Mario's movement in 3D or just trying new things to find new fun ways to play.

  30. Sad Noises Because he hates Galaxy and 3D world

  31. I don't like sunshine at all. The water spray is just a gimmick and I don't like gimmicks.

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