The First Level of every 3D Mario Game. -

The First Level of every 3D Mario Game.

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There is something really interesting about the 3D Super Mario series, and that is, that the different 3D Super Mario games don’t have much in common with each other. All the Super Mario games use the same enemies, and obstacles and characters and whatnot, but the gameplay in the 3D Super Mario games dramatically changes from one to the next.
Yet, all of them are highly critically acclaimed games, and all the games are among the best selling games on their nintendo console. This, kind of leaves us with a question? What wizardry did nintendo practice to make all those games so successful, while making all of them so different? Well, in this video we are going to investigate this question, we are going to take a look at the very first world of all the 3D Super Mario games, as a stand in for the whole game, we will discuss, how nintendo evolved the series, what new ideas nintendo tried, what worked, where they failed, and we will try to find out why all the 3D Super Mario games are so different.

——————-Credits for the Music————————–
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga OST – Teehee Valley
Super Mario Sunshine OST – Bianco Hills
Super Mario 3D World OST – Super Bell Hill
Super Mario 64 OST – Bob Omb Battlefield
Super Mario Galaxy OST – Good Egg Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST – Sky Station Galaxy
Super Mario 3D Land OST – Overworld Theme
Super Mario Odyssey OST – Fossil Falls


HolFix – Beyond The Kingdom

——Kevin MacLeod
“Adventure Meme”, “Thinking Music”
Kevin MacLeod
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  1. The 2 in Galaxy 2 stands for 2D. It's literally 2D. The first star of each galaxy is like a flagpole, and the rest are like star coins. For the thresholds, just subtract the number of flagpoles needed to reach it to get the number of star coins needed to pass. This still sticks to 2D standards, as NSMB and 3DL do this. There are also multiple kinds of star coins, since there are also comet medals, just like how 3DW has both green stars and stamps.

  2. I really appreciated these games more with 3D All Stars. Especially Mario Galaxy 1. It's way better than I remembered. It just feels so great and grand.

  3. I love how these videos just appear as a retrospective at first, but end up being an important lesson about game design

  4. I want to see fludd as a temporary power-up in Odyssey 2.

  5. "Gone are insanely long long jumps." Uh…technically I'm pretty sure Galaxy's long jump is just as long as 64's, actually I think it might go even farther than 64's, relative to Mario's size, and that's not even factoring in doing a spin at the end of the jump for a bit more distance. It's 3D Land where the long jump got mega nerfed. Other than that, great video!

  6. 4:59 : It's pretty obvious why it didn't make a reappearance. Sliding is nothing without water-sliding, which quite obviously requires water. Now all of Sunshine's levels are based on areas where water is plentyful. A coastal city, a villas on a lake, a port, a beach, a beachfront hotel and amusement park, and a bay. The only exceptions are demonetization moutain, where the only source of water is a spray and a nozzle box, and pianta village, though it does have a river. Those are areas where watersliding is an option, because water is plentyful and spraying some on the floor is a pretty easy thing to do. But what about Cool Cool Mountain ? The multitude of dry planets in super mario galaxy ? The Sand Kingdom ? Those are places where there's no water to slide on, so sliding as a mechanic would just take up precious button space for nothing.

  7. “And it ended up being just amazing” Ceave 2020

  8. I still like the galaxy games more than odyssey. And that's not even considering when they were released.

  9. It shows in the description that this WHOLE video was 3d world

    I don't have a problem with that

  10. Nintendo made the Odyssey having terrible experience, too complicated controls and not enough content after the Bowser boss battle on the moon the enjoyment and excitement kept going down and down until I quit playing the game and after that never touched it since.

  11. What about super Mario 64 DS? Ypu never said anything about that

  12. "gravity planet thingy" that just sounds like planet with extra steps

  13. I really disagree on Odyssey. In my subjective opinion, the kingdoms aren’t hub worlds similar to peach’s castle. Imo the game has more in common with BotW than, say, NES Super Mario Bros. The point of the kingdoms is exploration, and you get rewarded mostly for exploring and trying new things. The platforming sub games are almost entirely optional, since theres 800+ moons but you only need a small percentage of that to beat the game. I agree that the platforming sub games are kind of bland, but I really don’t think one should approach Odyssey with the idea that they’re going to get a traditional platformer experience. Again, that’s entirely subjective though. Love your content Ceave <3

  14. But… cascade kingdom isn't the first lvl, cappy kingdom is

  15. It really surprises me how bad the 3d games sell compared to the 2d ones, cos I've always liked them way more

  16. Every single time I see videos of Mario Galaxy 2, it always breaks my heart that there was no tutorial level and especially that there is no observatory. I have no way to really describe the magic that I felt as a kid playing through that observatory, and that I still feel today. Now all we get is.. a weird ball planet ship. It's tiny, it's not that pretty, and the music is nothing as impactful as in the original Mario galaxy. Like yeah the levels are cool but it's like playing 3D land or something like that it loses just the complete beauty that the first

  17. Because the levels designed around 3D can be nearly impossible to play without the 3D and having depth perception. That's what ruins 3D land for me, the levels where you have to go downhill on a huge level are very very difficult without the 3D turned on.

  18. Another thing is cappy act as a good 2 player mode unlike galaxy and doesn't break the game either. And the cool move sets that you learn through the game make it fun and enjoyable to replay once mastered, one of the first time I ever tried speedrun !

  19. Odyessey’s first level cascade kingdom… cap kingdom: 👁 💧 👄 💧 👁

  20. 16:58 and then 6 months later Nintendo made Bowser's Fury surprising everyone that what can be done with a Mario game.

  21. 3d land/world are 3d mario games like the Mario & Luigi series is 2d Mario.
    I don't count it as one of the 64-style 3D games.
    Gosh, though, I forget how much I like 3D Land sometimes.

  22. 6:35 notice how the fuzzy pops up right when he says that

  23. If you think the motion controls in odyssey are bad it’s because you just don’t know what your doing and would rather complain than put effort into getting good at something

  24. Ima say Bowser's fury is amazing but does scamper shores count as a first level of fur step island or the whole place or scamper shores fort flaptrap and pounce bounce island

  25. Ceave: I hope they're working on odessey 2
    Bowser's Fury: Hold my beer

  26. Me, an intellectual: What about Mario Tennis Aces?

  27. "…because 3D World is basically just 3D land, but in 1080p."
    Yeah, about that…
    3D World runs in 720p, the extra resolution was sacrificed to the 60FPS gods

  28. Those bulbus things in 8:43 are called rubbery bulbs, no need to thank me

  29. example for priming: Imagine how you were taught in school about multiplication and divison. You already know subtraction and addition and they use these to help you learn multiplication and division.

  30. 3D World Bowser’s Fury: u want 2d gameplay but in 3D and exploration? Here ya go.

  31. First tip of making a game. If the movement feels amazing to move in it will be the first step of making and keeping a player base. Games like skyrim is fun but the movement is so slow that you start getting board on just moveing. Compared to apex legends with the characters that have movement ability all feels nice and fast even in a mutibplayer environment without being to broken or making the game hard due to movement. It is the cutch of the game can make it, break it, or nothing neagative

  32. “So, let’s do this!”
    YouTube Ad: “My time has come”

  33. Petey Piranha and Dino Piranha are different.

  34. i gotta be honest, i love hearing your voice in these videos. The mild humor mixed with the format and voice has created some of the most genuinely enjoyable content on youtube, but i miss your old mario maker 1 vids. They were the best.

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