The Big Bang Theory-Leonard sucking in different levels[HD] -

The Big Bang Theory-Leonard sucking in different levels[HD]

Memo Larumbe
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Sheldon and Leonard playing 3D chess… funny!!


  1. wanna have some chess 😀 its great … and this scene is fantastic xD

  2. @AdisloKazdan Can you have illegal chess?!

  3. Leonard: … *moves piece*
    Sheldon: … Checkmate.
    Leonard: AAAARRGH!

    Man, the way Leonard moaned in defeat made me really laugh! But let's not forget:

    Sheldon: It must be humbling to suck on so many different levels.

  4. its called Tridimentional chess or 3D chess and its from star trek 🙂
    and its legal but there are more rules than in normal chess

  5. 0:15….Is that a chess piece in your pants or are you just happy to see me…..Loving intelligent guys with big schlong

  6. Wow, seriously, to judge from the level of intellectuality in this comment section, it is just infested 13-year-old fanboys of this series.
    Fuck off, kid.

  7. "intellectuality" isn't a word -__-

    at least learn to spell check what you write

  8. -> "intellectuality" isn't a word <-
    Self-own at it's best.
    Was it really that hard to just google it? I suggest you do so now, moron

  9. it would make more sense if you said "intellectualism" as well

  10. He really does suck. He's probably the most boring character on the show, IMO. Great moment, though, lol.

  11. Might be possible in 3d chess. Don't think there are any canonical rules for it.

  12. there are loose rules for it some guy wrote to the star trek guy who had a few rules in some kind of star trek book, the guy expanded on them with written permission, the pices move trhe same as in chess just with attack boards.

  13. You suck on so many different levels. HAHAHAHA! Perhaps Three- Dimensional Candyland would be more your speed. HAHAHAHA!

  14. I'm pretty sure that was his queen and a legal move.

  15. Only brain dead idiots would find this funny.

  16. Ehh, the Star Trek version. I personally like Millennium better (3 8×8 boards)

  17. 0:27

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk engraçado demais o leonardo desesperado

  18. If you watch Star Trek Season 1, Episode 2 "Charlie X" you'll see the original chess board that Captain Kirk and Spock were playing. So The Big Bang Theory got their idea for this chess board/game from STAR TREK. You can see it on Amazon Prime.

  19. How can Sheldon put Leonard check mate if he has no king on the board?

  20. Well technically touching a piece is playing by it so technically he did an ILLEGAL MOVE TECHNICALLY unsub thumb down

  21. I still don’t understand how this game works.

  22. I hate Leonard so much, hes the least interesting character on the show, the actor is better suited for Roseanne

  23. The coolest thing about sheldon despite his flaws is that he can back up his pride with his brilliance. The only one who really seems near Sheldon’s level is raj. Howard and Leonard don’t seem to be but they are oriented on social intelligence.

  24. 3 dimensional chess actually first exist in Star Trek TOS

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