The Best 3D Mario Game -

The Best 3D Mario Game

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  1. Here is my list.

    7. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    6. Super Mario 3D Land
    5. Super Mario 3D World
    4. Super Mario Sunshine
    3. Super Mario Galaxy
    2. Super Mario 64 (N64 and DS)
    1. Super Mario Odyssey

  2. 7.Super Mario Sunshine
    6.Super Mario 64 DS
    5.Super Mario 3D World
    4.Super Mario 3D Land
    3. Super Mario Galaxy
    2. Super Mario 64
    👑. Super Mario Galaxy 2

  3. My List is.
    7. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    6. Super Mario Galaxy
    5. Super Mario Sunshine
    4. Super Mario 3D World
    3. Super Mario 3D Land
    2. Super Mario 64
    1. Super Mario 64 DS (My Childhood gaming.)

  4. 8. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (4/10)
    7. Super Mario 3D Land (6/10)
    6. Super Mario 3D World (6.5/10)
    5. Super Mario 64 (7/10)
    4. Super Mario Odyssey (7.5/10)
    3. Super Mario Sunshine (8.5/10)
    2. Super Mario 64 DS (9/10)
    1. Super Mario Galaxy (10/10)

  5. i know super mario 64 is cooool , but super mario 64 ds is better than him

  6. My list:
    7-Super Mario Sunshine
    6-Super Mario 64 DS
    5-Super Mario 3D Land
    4-Super Mario Galaxy
    3-Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Galaxy 2
    2-Super Mario Odyssey
    1-Super Mario 64

  7. Super mario 64 is the best one becuase without it all of the other 3d games wouldn't exist

  8. 4:32 actually the tanooki suit was introduced in super mario bros. 3

  9. actualy sega came up with the mario galaxy game0lay style with the canceles sonic-Xtream for the saturn. so if anything, nintendo and sega making them both was just a couincidence (sorry for bad spelling)

  10. Here’s my list. I’m not going to include sunshine because I haven’t played enough of it
    6)mario 3D world-just an average,easy mario game. Great for beginners
    5)mario 64 DS-nothing wrong with it but it doesn’t stand out
    4)mario galaxy 2-it’s a good/fun game but I feel as if it doesn’t have heart
    3)mario 3D land-it gives classic mario a Morden twist,but does nothing special
    2)mario 64-a great game that has a mind blowing effect,in my opinion,even to this day
    1)mario galaxy-it’s the perfect (3D) mario game in my opinion

  11. 64 sucks so much and I don’t get the love for it. Only people who have nostalgia for this mess of randomly put together shapes like it.

  12. My ranks would be:
    8. 3d land
    7. 64 ds
    6. 3d world
    5. Galaxy 2
    4. 64
    3. Galaxy
    2. Sunshine
    1. Odyssey

  13. ‘Introduced the tanooki leaf’ brothers 3?!?!

  14. Also galaxy 2 higher than galaxy 1? Seriously…

  15. Gotta play super mario's dolphin island in dolphin emulator

  16. Another list that says sm64 is the best 3d Mario game. Reason? Because it was revolutionary

  17. Odyssey may not be on this list because this list came out before that game was even shown. But this is my list:

    7. Super Mario 3D Land
    6. Super Mario 3D World
    5. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    4. Super Mario Sunshine
    3. Super Mario 64
    2. Super Mario Galaxy
    1. Super Mario Odyssey

  18. No super mario sunshine was the best mario game i loved that game so much

  19. Super Mario Galaxy #1 on my listSuper Mario Galaxy 2 #2 on my list.

  20. Finnaly someone who says that Mario is the best you are now my favorite youtuber

  21. The fact 3d world is above sunhine really makes me lose faith in humanity

  22. 7: Super Mario 64 DS (the only one i dislike)
    6: Super Mario 3D World
    5: Super Mario 3D Land
    4: Super Mario 64
    3: Super Mario Galaxy 2
    2: Super Mario Sunshine
    1: Super Mario Galaxy

  23. i come from the future 2018, and mario odyssey is good

  24. Hè mario 64 ds is better than mario 64 in ds are more character and level and stars

  25. If 64 DS was the only one that wasn’t voted by someone as their favourite, who voted 3D land?

  26. Very perplexing that 64 is still so highly regarded. I bought it right when it came out (I was 16 and had grown up with the 2D Mario games) and loved it then, it was revolutionary etc. etc. However, the level design, camera angles and controls have aged terribly. Sunshine and 3D Land are the only two 3D Mario games I’ve never played, but of the ones I have, 64 is absolutely last place. It’s just not very fun to come back to once you get to the second half, which is ruined by terrible controls and frustratingly bad camera angles. It also features the worst Mario levels ever, Dire Dire Docks and Jolly Roger Bay. Galaxy is so much better as to be laughable, and Odyssey is THE best 3D Mario game by light years.

  27. My list
    7: Super Mario 64 DS
    6: Super Mario 64
    5: Super Mario 3D Land
    4: Super Mario Galaxy 2
    3: Super Mario 3D World
    2: Super Mario SunShine
    1: Super Mario Galaxy
    I would put Odyssey at 1st if it was out at the time

  28. Nostalgia On The Air Michael Christopher says:

    Here's my list…

    7. Super Mario Sunshine (deal with it. Lol)
    6. Super Mario 3D Land
    5. Super Mario 64
    4. Super Mario 64 DS
    3. Super Mario 3D World
    2. Super Mario Galaxy
    1. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Now updated to 2018, I put Super Mario Odyssey above all of the above

  29. Ranking 3D Mario Games
    8) Super Mario 64 (FIGHT ME)
    7) Super Mario 3D Land
    6) Supet Mario 3D World
    5) Super Mario Galaxy 2
    4) Super Mario Galaxy
    3) Super Mario Sunshine
    2) Super Mario Odyessy(FIGHT ME
    1) Super Mario 64 DS(FIGHT ME)

  30. I would vote galaxy one over two for one of the reasons that it was more serious than number 2

  31. 3D Land being better than 3D World and Sunshine is absolutely insane.

  32. Everything about Super Mario Galaxy was perfect. (Including the drama)

  33. My ranking, before having watched the video, best to worst, not having played Odyssey:

    1. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    2. Super Mario Galaxy
    3. Super Mario Sunshine
    4. Super Mario 3D World
    5. Super Mario 3D Land
    6. Super Mario 64
    7. Super Mario 64 DS

  34. Super Mario Galaxy 2 should have gottten first, Mario 64 is kinda overrated, yes it’s important, but it didn’t innovate as much as Galaxy and Galaxy 2, also it’s story isn’t nearly as good as SMG. That’s just my opinion.

  35. Super mario 64 ds is my favourite but it only became my favourite when i played it on my 3ds, because of the analogue stick

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