The 3D Mario TRIGGERS You Compilation! -

The 3D Mario TRIGGERS You Compilation!

Bathaniel Nandy
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  1. Lol he called super Mario galaxy stars green star

  2. "Camera works only when it wants"
    i agree.

  3. I see that tom nook moved out into sm sunshine world

  4. 7:23 Bathaniel, i think you killed some people saying that.

  5. 0:00: Super Mario 64 (N64)
    9:01: Super Mario Sunshine (GCN, Wii/RVL)
    14:27: Super Mario 64 DS (NDS)
    20:37: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii/RVL), featuring Nicobbq
    26:39: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii/RVL)
    30:53: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)
    34:56: Super Mario 3D World (WiiU, NX)
    39:00: Super Mario Odyssey (NX)

  6. Maybe don't tell Nintendo about all the glitches then they will probably fix them

  7. I haven’t played super Mario 64 yet but how do people know where they go

  8. He knew it was going to come back because of Bowser’s hat!!!!!!!!!

  9. I beat super mario 64 with the 80 stars and at least I got 20 of them with luigi's backflip

  10. Nothing is wrong with super Mario 3D world NOTHING

  11. You can put the super Mario 64 in the 3Ds! It work just fine for me but it CAN be hard to get used to the controls… but it still works like a normal Mario game, just on a different electronic!

  12. the thing that I find annoying in Super Mario Odyssey is the moon where you have to volley 100 times 😩

  13. Hmph. So you complain that the BLJ is in the FIRST Mario 64 game but then complain that it ISN'T in the second.

  14. Who else noticed in Mario sunshine it is CORONA mountain

  15. I had to help them but they don’t help me dang

  16. They think that boulderguys is hard because hes a fucking Rock, and the most annoying thing about 3D games is the camera movement

  17. Mario: I WANNA PLAY IT!
    Mario once he plays it:I HATE THIS!

  18. This is the final Triggered compilation for this year! They will continue to release here but at a much slower rate. There's a few more planned for next year, but they'll only release once a month. New Bathaniel vids are still coming too!

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