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Tanner Clark 3D Chess Animation

DJ Clark
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Final version of a project for DTC335 at WSUVancouver

Chess 3D Animation Production Statement

This assignment was to model and animate a chess piece in an environment, and give the animation a setting and “plot”. The setting and plot I originally chose for this assignment was a sort of dance battle in a nightclub setting. As I worked on the original modeling, I was very ambitious given the time I was allotted, and the experience I had with the modelling program, Autodesk Maya. In the end, the fight between the two different sides became considerably more intense than originally planned due to the music I had chosen.
While working on this project, I needed to keep pacing, music, and modeling in mind in order to make this animation work well. As the animation became more fast-paced and intense, I made a lot of the animations sharper and quicker, working to keep the movements timed with the lights and the music. Modeling was the easiest part of this assignment by far, with the models being straightforward and easy, most of my time was spent on animations and sound.
The most difficult part of this assignment was trying to stay calm and figure out a very un-intuitive program. I ended up learning that I should be pressing ctrl/command+s compulsively as I work in Maya, and how to render out an image sequence and export it into aftereffects. I also learned that on a pretty powerful computer, rendering out 2640 frames takes approximately ten hours depending on other processes that are running at the same time, and I can use this information when planning workloads on future 3D animation projects.

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