Super Mario Odyssey - Full Game Walkthrough -

Super Mario Odyssey – Full Game Walkthrough

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A full game walkthrough on Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. This covers the whole story, all kingdoms and bosses of the game. Time stamps for each level can be found below. ►Activate the description for the timestamps of the kingdoms!!

All kingdoms:

00:00 Intro + Startup
01:45 Cap Kingdom
07:06 Cascade Kingdom
15:53 Sand Kingdom
33:24 Lake Kingdom
39:47 Wooded Kingdom
55:15 Cloud Kingdom
59:08 Lost Kingdom
01:05:58 Metro Kingdom
01:26:42 Snow Kingdom
01:40:00 Seaside Kingdom
01:51:37 Luncheon Kingdom
02:08:30 Ruined Kingdom
02:13:57 Bowser’s Kingdom
02:30:26 Moon Kingdom
02:37:47 Final Boss + Ending & Credits

►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2020)◄


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  2. I wanna get this game for my birthday! Im turning 12 this year in November so ill have to wait a little white unless I can save up enough money…

  3. Very nice gameplay bro.Its great.

  4. I miss this game so much, I remember watching videos abt this game a lot 😢

  5. The super period formerly bolt because cello karyologically own circa a daily alto. jumbled, colorful gram

  6. You : finishing whole game in less than 3 hours
    Me : finishing whole game in less than 3 days 🤣

  7. It feels weird hearing bowser speak but it's not my first time, bowser's inside story

  8. I'm sad Mario is 40 years old and still not married

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  10. i love this super mario's airship with his cap talker

  11. Hard to believe this game has been out for nearly 4 years already.

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    Come on now, just like that!

  13. Why is the year saying 2022 on the first power moon???

  14. 2:46:41 mario en ese momento qyizo meterle una mega putiza a peach

  15. Peach: *exists*
    Bowser: hippity hoppity peach is now my property

  16. i can’t get this robot thing to die for nothing

  17. Super Mario a cool game

  18. My two grandchildren,King Minty aka Rogan and King Tubby aka Dominic completed game while we were on holiday in Newquay Wales.Doms 7 and Rogans 5 ,you continue to play but with lots of other stuff,if one found a section of the game too difficult the other boy would take they have asked me to buy the Bowser game..I shall..👌

  19. I drew cappy and mario

  20. The beginning is so good

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