Super Mario Maker 1 & 2 - All Super Mario Bros Power-Ups -

Super Mario Maker 1 & 2 – All Super Mario Bros Power-Ups

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This video showcases all of the power-ups from Super Mario Bros. 1 in Super Mario Maker games.


  1. i was shocked that was chimba

  2. التونسي و الفكاهة El Tounsi W Lfokeha I says:

    The whole game is fake

  3. Как сделать грибы с вопросом?????

  4. So how much costumes do you want in the game?
    Nintendo: yes

  5. if want the character mushroom to return in SMM2 press ?

  6. Pareceu ovelha de um desenho muito difícil de achar como é possível Nintendo 🤔🐑

  7. Reqiest: super Mário World + browser' s fury

  8. dès que ça tout le monde a vu le tout premier personnage de Mario Bros. c'est Mario sur borne arcade.

  9. Jéssica Caroline Dias Cordeiro dos Santos says:


  10. it's so sad how they don't update super mario maker 2 anymore, screw you nintendo. i will never forgive you for this

  11. I wish you made Super Mario like Baldi and his friends.

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