Super Mario - Low Poly (Evolution of Characters in Games) - Episode 1 -

Super Mario – Low Poly (Evolution of Characters in Games) – Episode 1

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In 1996, Nintendo blew gamers minds and released the latest iteration of the Super Mario franchise, featuring a fully 3D world that would set the tone for every 3D platform to come. We were also introduced to a version of Mario we’d never seen before, made of polygons, rather than pixels.

Mario has changed a lot since Super Mario 64, but, just how much? I think it’s time we get reacquainted. This is Low Poly!

A+Start with Andy
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  1. Fun fact, the model that is used in SM3DLand is actually the NSMBW model 😉

  2. Where are the new super mario bros series?

  3. I wonder about the model used in Luigi's Mansion 3, Mario Odyssey, Ultimate etc.

  4. What’s the website where u got the models?

  5. 0:18 Well, no. Mario is still technically made of pixels. No pixels, no anything. But the same goes for polygons, so, I'm not sure if you're right, A+Start.

  6. You forgot mario kart 64 – mario and sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games

  7. 8:34
    me: "looks under the Mario 64 ds icon
    also me: Wait how is this Mario 3d in a "FUGJE" ing 2d game?!

  8. So it's a triangle? you could have just said it's a triangle.

  9. super smash bros. melee mario is t posing 😂😂😂

  10. You say “it’s not ever yet” 4 years ago, and you haven’t done any more low poly episodes involving mario

  11. What about Mario Teaches Typing 2

  12. Son: 10:09 mom can we get Mario at home?
    Son we already have Mario at Home
    Mario at home: 9:19
    Son: mom can we get Mario at home?
    Mom: we already have Mario at phone
    Mario at our phone: 15:14
    Son: oleeeeh😏👌

  13. I prefer the 3D world model over the Mario and sonic 2016 model and the ears on the 3dw model is better

  14. Mario’s model in the cutscenes of SMO is around 26,000 tris, and let’s not forget every strand of his hair is 10 tris.
    (Mario’s gameplay model is 12,000 tris)

  15. Imagine a Mario with 1000000000000000000000000000000000 tris

  16. Can you do a part two for some more models id really like to see that

  17. Therapist: Mario without eyes doesn’t exist, he can’t hurt you.
    Mario without eyes: 11:26

  18. You had the chance to do Super Mario Odyssey

  19. The brawl model is definitely my favorite of all time! It is truly the best model!

  20. You Missed Yoshi's New Island's Mr Pipe And Mario

  21. Thanks for this. You know Mario is my whole life and has always been since my grandmother gave him to me.

  22. When i was younger I used to think that when you said tris, you meant tries lol.

  23. You didn't do Smash for the Wii U and 3DS model (If anyone knows why please tell me)

  24. I think Im the only person that hated the galaxy games, I just wanted another mario 64

  25. I made a super detailed mario with about 5 million polygons
    needless to say it was incredibly detailed

  26. Me: wow melee mario is over 4000 tris? Mario sunshine has to be even highe-

    Sunshine Mario: Blerp lol

  27. i wish there where more channels giving appreciation to "smaller" elements of games like this.

  28. Technically, the smallest model for Mario in any game was in Mario Kart 64, since it was just a poly card that was aim constrained to the camera. I'm pretty sure that would make it 2 tris.

  29. You've heard of "A+Start's Low Poly", now get read for "B-Select's High Pixel" which counts the amount of pixels and the color palettes of your favorite characters.

  30. I wonder what this Youtube has gone… I want more of these! 😩

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