Super Mario Galaxy | Ten Years of Bliss - Scott The Woz -

Super Mario Galaxy | Ten Years of Bliss – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott takes a look at his favorite game of all time on its tenth anniversary, Super Mario Galaxy.

Twitter: @ScottTheWoz

Music Used:
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes
“Mini Game Introduction” from Mario Party
“Toy Time Galaxy” from Super Mario Galaxy
“The Star Festival” from Super Mario Galaxy
“Gusty Garden Galaxy” from Super Mario Galaxy
“King Bowser” from Super Mario Galaxy
“Egg Planet” from Super Mario Galaxy
“The Galaxy Reactor” from Super Mario Galaxy
“Honeyhive Galaxy” from Super Mario Galaxy
“Cosmic Comet” from Super Mario Galaxy
“Birth” from Super Mario Galaxy


  1. This games is peak Nintendo wii just incredible

  2. I watch this again and again to get a nostalgia trip.

  3. I hate the people who think every 3d mario game is bad because it not mario 64

  4. Galaxy is far easier than 64. It took me 4 months to beat 64(70 star run). While it has taken me under a week to get 50 stars in Galaxy.

  5. Why do I feel like robo Ebola is actually coming

  6. Oh no, rovot ebola is a new covid-19 mutant

  7. I have this game with the 3D all-stars collection. I have NEVER played this game. When the game was released; I was at a point in my life where I wasn't playing any video games, especially new games. When I would play, it would be an older game in a social setting. However, now I have Galaxy on the Switch. I can't wait til I have the time to game a proper play. My back log of games is ridiculous.

  8. Such a sad video ending for an Italian plumber from the 80’s

  9. Not gonna lie I absolutely hate this game idk why but I do, I much prefer 64, Sunshine and or Odyssey. This game isn’t fun for me but that’s just my opinion

  10. POV: You’re here because of Scott’s 10th anniversary.

  11. 2007, 2 of the best games of all time released

    Super Mario Galaxy
    Madden 08

  12. I never played Mario Galaxy but I really really want to

  13. Am I the only one who hates toy time galaxy? Probably

  14. You are Heavy Weapons Guy, and I am your weapon. says:

    “The future of mario is looking brighter than ever”
    Well that aged like bread

  15. Super Mario Galaxy was my first 100% complete Mario game.

  16. I got Galaxy on my birthday because the day it came out was the day of my birthday

  17. Scott predicted Coronavirus in its final form owo

  18. ngl, the best thing they coulda done for Mario's anniversary was actually release Mario 128

  19. Its weird I started out not liking this as a kid probably for the realiatic colors I know its stupid but I was a kid anyway now that I'm older I really like this game

  20. Everyone: asking for SMG3

    Me and the boys: waiting for Super Mario 65

  21. Anyone who says Galaxy controls well are the same kind of people that would say Sunshine is TOO responsive.
    I don't think anyone who enjoys galaxy AS a platformer actually plays platformers. I absolutely WANTED to like Galaxy. I've heard so many people say it's one of the BEST 3D mario games. They ALL lied to me. I grit my teath and got all the stars with Mario in spite of the controls making me play it in only short bursts because I got frustrated with it. I wanted to try and 100% it, but I couldn't I couldn't bring myself to go through all the levels again with the same BAD controls. And if you say the spin is GOOD you are awful. It stops ALL momentum. If you want to go forward while using it (which the game thinks is a good idea) you move at a snails pace, but accelerating backwards after a spin (or while in the air at all) is quick! Why does modus operandi halt ALL momentum in a PLATFORMER?!?!
    The levels have no cohesive theme but the same themes are repeated multiple times making them so forgettable with all the different levels of the same themes melding together. WHICH SUCKS because I LOVE the different themes in this game and I WISH I could remember the levels!

    I freaking hate this game because it has SO MUCH going for it but it squanders it's potential and that is MORE IRRITATING than if it were JUST bad.

    Haven't gotten around to playing Galaxy 2. Don't know if they fixed the movement, but I doubt it, which makes me hesitant to play it.

  22. I really hope he puts that hat on in 2027

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  24. you know going back to this video be like just change the virus name and you right

  25. scott's furious nerdy gushing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  26. Mario Galaxy is more cinematic and great music but Galaxy 2 is still my favorite because of more interesting levels blah blah blah or as I call it nostalgia

  27. I'm watching this on November 12th 2027 where i have yet to contract robo ebola.

  28. Super Mario Galaxy: the video game that pissed off flat earthers

  29. Imagine coming out of covid and dive right into a robo ebola pandemic

  30. I know this video is 4 years old but I hope that *at this point in time*, saying a game is "linear" should no longer be considered a negative against a game.

  31. To this day, the dreadnought galaxy trash mission is the only star I can never reliably complete

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  33. It really is a nice breath of fresh air to see scott actually not criticize something so much and actually talk about its pros most of the time

  34. Hearing someone rant about how great this game is made me happy and gave me chills of nostalgia. I love this game so much 😀

  35. If scott doesn’t put on a chef’s hat in 2027 i will be thoroughly disappointed

  36. Eh, this one didn't do much for me. I think I'll play some pokemon instead.

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