Super Mario Galaxy HD - Full Game Walkthrough -

Super Mario Galaxy HD – Full Game Walkthrough

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A complete full game walkthorugh for Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Switch in 1080p & 60fps. Thanks for watching!


  1. this looks so easy now and my little 5 year old self couldnt see it

  2. You are much better at this game than another dude I was watching. I don't mean to be rude to that guy but this video is 1.5 hours shorter than his and I realised I was watching 1.5 hours of his mistakes.

  3. my favourite wii game of all time – nostalgia good

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  5. Super Mario bros (1985) full game walkthrough

  6. Jajaja hola Karnal

    Alguna vez jugaras a un Sonic? Pregunto

  7. bro i remeber when this man had 12k subs then 1 mil then now holy crap inwas in 6 grade

  8. doctor: “you have 4 hours, 52 minutes and 32 seconds left to live”


  9. Can you make a video how to get the Octan Truck in LEGO City?

  10. Behold, the greatest video game of all time.

  11. This game is so emotional as you can tell, but it’s a good game from the Mario franchise.

  12. (Docter) jou have 30 ours amd 100 seconds and1000 minits (me) jaaaaaaaaj

  13. The controls is what makes it look different

  14. I know there was a part in this game where Rosalina says "Your name is Mario right? It has a nice ring to it." Can somebody help me find that part? because I know I got it when I played this game on my switch. ☹

  15. 0:19 Part 1: Opening
    6:09 Part 2: Meet Luma
    8:12 Part 3: Meet Rosalina
    9:34 Part 4: Grand Star Rescue
    13:54 Part 5: Comet Observatory
    15:34 Part 6: Dino Piranha
    21:02 Part 7: A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
    27:34 Part 8: King Kaliente’s Battle Fleet
    32:42 Part 9: Bee Mario Takes Flight
    37:43 Part 10: Surfer 101
    42:20 Part 11: Trouble on the Tower
    46:16 Part 12: Painting the Planet Yellow
    48:20 Part 13: Big Bad Bugaboom
    51:34 Part 14: Megaleg’s Moon
    52:42 Part 15: Mario V.S Megaleg
    55:30 Part 16: Rocky Road

  16. Eu tenho que admitir, o Mario Galaxy e o Sunshine ficaram muito bonitos nessa coleção, já o Mario 64… ficou uma bosta

  17. In Good Egg Galaxy 3, when you fly to the beach room, you can actually see the inside of the bonus room near the bottom left side of the screen.

  18. DO You Have The Full Walkthrough Of Super Mario Galaxy 2 ?

  19. Bosses:
    Good Egg Galaxy: Dino Piranha.
    Good Egg Galaxy: King Kaliente.
    Honeyhive Galaxy: Mandibug Stack.
    Honeyhive Galaxy: Bugaboom.
    Bowser Jr.’s Robot Reactor: Megaleg.
    Space Junk Galaxy: Kamella #1.
    Space Junk Galaxy: Tarantox.
    Battlerock Galaxy: Topmaniac #1.
    Bowser’s Star Reactor: Bowser #1.
    Ghostly Galaxy: Bouldergeist.
    Bowser Jr.‘s Airship Armada: Bowser Jr.
    Gusty Garden Galaxy: Major Burrows.
    Freezeflame Galaxy: Baron Brrr.
    Bowser’s Dark Matter Plant: Bowser #2.
    Gold Leaf Galaxy: Undergrunt Gunner #1.
    Toy Time Galaxy: Undergrunt Gunner #2.
    Bonefin Galaxy: Kingfin.
    Bowser Jr.’s Lava Reactor: King Kaliente #2.
    Deep Dark Galaxy: Kamella #2.
    Deep Dark Galaxy: Undergrunt Gunner #3.
    Dreadnought Galaxy: Topmaniac #2.
    Melty Molten Galaxy: Fiery Dino Piranha.
    Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor: Bowser (Final Boss).

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