Super Mario Galaxy - Complete Walkthrough (Full Game) -

Super Mario Galaxy – Complete Walkthrough (Full Game)

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This video shows off a Complete Walkthrough of all 120 Stars in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

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  1. I just remember my child hood with mario games and wii sports

  2. I would always copy the world that was complete just in case I delete it but yeah Super Mario Galaxy In general is a roller coaster🥺

  3. Can we all agree that this game has the best music in the series?

  4. Hey all Of You guys Why do you guys don't play super Mario galaxy?

  5. prinses : HELP bowser AHAHHAHAHAHA! 😈 : Mario NOOOOO

  6. I just miss having a wii specifically just for this game the music the storyline was so amazing I miss those days it was 7 years ago 😔I’m 17 now I miss those days now it’s all about stupid games like fortnite I might just buy a wii and the game again just for this game

  7. I have a switch but missed out on mario 3d all stars since it is no longer being sold. I’m gonna get an emulator just so that i can play this game again. I used to play this game on my wii u virtual console, but then i sold it for a switch 3 years ago. This game is nice and calming and chill. Today, I am mostly playing fortnite and it is very competitive. This game has one of the most legendary and memorable sound tracks

  8. Mario Galaxy is a huge downgrade from Mario Sunshine and Mario 64… truly the worst of the 3D all stars trilogy

  9. POV: you're Mario And Your in the Universe NOT EARTH!!!

  10. Best Mario game ever hands down, it's simply epic!

  11. I still have a Wii and super Mario galaxy game disc. They both work I play almost every day

  12. I would do anything to have this game rn

  13. I still remember my 6th birthday my grandma gave me this game and me and my brother played it every day it was sooooo awesome

  14. Aaaah nostalgia 😌
    I remember spending hours on time to get every single star of the game. Good times. ☺️

  15. POV: you get out of school and hop on the wii

  16. tell me why i watched the entire thing. legit the entire 11 hours and nearly 24 minutes of this.

  17. From all the comments it seems like this game is the equivalent to the original Super Mario bros for the NES for my generation. I haven't played this yet but considering it. I love the music for it. Had to see what it is like.

  18. Lol this game is garbage 😂 Fortnite is 1000% better (jk Mario galaxy is my childhood I was born March 2009)

  19. I love this walkthrough but you forget the 121 star , ( the one that you get after you complete the game with Mario and luigi then it appears the end galaxy

  20. Dude I remember playing this game every fucking day, sad how time just Flys by.

  21. I used to play this at my dads house but now my mom doesn’t want me to go there anymore

    ( they are divorced )

  22. eu tenho um relatório pra entregar e várias coisas pra estudar, mas estou aqui vendo 11h de jogo

  23. God the nostalgia. This was and still is an amazing game.

  24. Who the actual fuck is playing the game?? They don't deserve to be showing how to play. They should've been banned.

  25. This game really takes me back to when I was about 7 or 9 years old sitting on the floor of the living room while it was autumn and this game would just be playing on the TV. I would do anything to get those times back because I love this game with a burning passion, I cant wait to move into my own place and buy me a wii and get this game so I can finally play through all of it without getting confused.

  26. 0:00 Intro
    ~Gateway Galaxy~
    6:13 Grand Star Rescue
    1. Terrace
    ~Good Egg Galaxy~
    19:29 Dino Piranha
    27:33 A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
    36:09 King Kaliente’s Battle Fleet
    1:28:38 Dino Piranha Speed Run
    ~Honeyhive Galaxy~
    40:49 Bee Mario Takes Flight
    52:31 Trouble on the Tower
    59:31 Big Bad Bugaboom
    2:22:02 Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race
    ~Loopdeeloop Galaxy~
    48:45 Surfing 101
    ~Flipswitch Galaxy~
    1:03:38 Painting the Planet Yellow
    ~Bowser Jr.’s Robot Reactor~
    1:06:59 Megaleg’s Moon
    ~Sweet Sweet Galaxy~
    1:13:53 Rocky Road
    2. Fountain
    ~Space Junk Galaxy~
    1:17:09 Pull Star Path
    1:22:51 Kamella’s Airship Attack
    1:34:46 Pull Star Path Speed Run
    1:42:12 Tarantox’s Tangled Web (Yoshi’s Unexpected Appearance)
    1:48:06 Tarantox’s Tangled Web
    ~Rolling Green Galaxy~
    1:39:15 Rolling in the Clouds
    ~Hurry-Scurry Galaxy~
    1:53:43 Shrinking Satellite
    ~Battlerock Galaxy~
    1:55:41 Battlerock Barrage
    1:59:58 Breaking into the Battlerock (Battlerock‘s Garbage Dump)
    2:04:59 Breaking into the Battlerock
    2:10:00 Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe
    2:19:43 Topmaniac’s Daredevil Run
    ~Sling Pod Galaxy~
    2:15:57 A Very Sticky Situation
    ~Bowser’s Star Reactor~
    2:24:35 The Fiery Stronghold
    3. Kitchen
    ~Beach Bowl Galaxy~
    2:32:27 Sunken Treasure
    2:38:00 Passing the Swim Test
    2:42:08 The Secret Undersea Cavern
    2:48:02 Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone
    ~Bubble Breeze Galaxy~
    2:50:15 Through the Poison Swamp
    ~Buoy Base Galaxy~
    2:55:29 The Floating Fortress
    ~Ghostly Galaxy~
    3:00:23 Luigi and the Haunted Mansion

  27. I remember I played it on my WII when I was younger, I wanted to play it again

  28. Me realizing that one song from royale high was the beginning of this game

  29. Ah, yes playing sonic and mario on the wii and xbox

  30. When this came out and my brother got it I used to watch him play for hours. Good memories

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