Super Mario Chase - Brain Break // Fitness Activity with Yoshi, Bowser, and more! -

Super Mario Chase – Brain Break // Fitness Activity with Yoshi, Bowser, and more!

Coach Corey Martin
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Super Mario Chase – Explore Super Mario World with the help of Yoshi and many others along the way! Bowser awaits you in Bowser’s Castle.

From the same creator as Jurassic Chase, Jungle Chase, Shark Chase, Space Chase, Castle Chase, Cave Chase, and more…These virtual games are perfect for any teacher looking to get their classroom up and moving. It will be your student’s new favorite brain break series/ fitness activity ! I have large variety of fitness games to keep you entertained!

*** Don’t forget to check out the many other games in the “chase” series using the links below 👇

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Check out my featured channels, Coach Kelli Smith who has some amazing This or That games as well as Matthew Wood who produces amazing Minecraft and Mario themed games. BeWellPlayed and Coach Meger are also featured as well! Fitness Games for all! Also, shout out to PE Bowman who was an inspiration with his Level Up series

Thank you for checking out my channel and I hope you enjoy the games!

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  1. Hey everyone! If you enjoy this game, please throw me a like and a sub 😎. Thanks for playing!

  2. Yea this one is going to be my favorite

  3. so this video a goombas koppas shy guys and more

  4. Just so you know…My 3rd graders are stalking your channel!

  5. I LOVE it!!!! Thanks I'm sure my Kiddos will love it too today !!

  6. Love it Coach Martin!! Thank you for being awesome! Mrs. Austin's first grade, as usual, had so much fun!

  7. That was awesome. Our Grade 1 class wants a Super Mario chase with Bowser and a flying ships. They also suggest Super Mario 3D world. Thank you! They say keep going on the chases forever. We love your Chases. We can't wait for the next one.

  8. I asked my 4th graders what they’d like to see next…stranger things, Harry Potter, roblox, sonic, and superheroes were their answers. Thanks for all you do!!

  9. Hello from Canada! Amazing as always! We really enjoyed defeating Bowser. We liked guessing the names of the character too. We are looking forward to DONKEY KONG!

  10. You can do one of Piggy Roblox. I think that can be so fun!!!

  11. plz can you make abut roblox and friday nigth funkin ? my students want it plz

  12. My first Graders loved this one!! so so excited! Cant wait for the continued brain break 🙂

  13. Coach Corey this is amazing make more brain breaks as fast as you can

  14. With things like asteroids volcanoes tsunamis

  15. From Mrs. Knight's Class:
    We love you! We use your videos almost every day. We appreciate you so much! Thank you for the awesome brain breaks in our first grade class! 🙂

  16. Can u do a sonic chase that would be very awesome my classmates will love that

  17. Thank you so much^^ .My students really enjoy your chase game.

  18. Thank you for the videos my grade 1 class loves them!

  19. On Belmont House School I just do this chase with Mrs Calway!

  20. Can you make a Jurassic Mario Bros chase?

  21. I love the super mario and donky kong chaseis

  22. Thank you for liking my idea and should do a trolls chase

  23. Love your Channel so happy toworrow is weekend so I can do lots!<3

  24. hey i loved this after my kids come back from school; no more phones

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