Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 3D Custom Level - Super Mario Odyssey Maker -

Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 3D Custom Level – Super Mario Odyssey Maker

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This video shows you a 3D remake of SMB’s World 1-1 made by ItzSka ().

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►Game Informations:
▪ Title: Super Mario Odyssey
▪ Developer: Nintendo
▪ Publisher: Nintendo
▪ Platform: Switch
▪ Genre: Platform
▪ Playtime: 15+ hours

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  1. Awesome! I always knew a SMB 1-1 remake was coming, these could never be left out when you can hack a game 😀

  2. New Super Mario Bros. Odyssey leaked footage

  3. A game's hacking scene isn't a true hacking scene until 1-1 has been recreated in it

  4. This is AWESOME!!! I'm surprised Nintendo didn't do this!!! 🙂

  5. We need a 2d platformer that plays just like this. A new new super mario bros

  6. Next 2D Mario art style should kinda be like this instead of giving us the new Super Mario bros art style over and over

  7. The First Custom Leve-oh Wait it’s not my bad…

  8. Next time please capture a goomba at the beginning!

  9. But can you beat it as a Goomba?

    (I'm sure you can, but it'd be a neat twist on the concept.)

  10. Wish we could've seen it from Mario's perspective..

  11. nintendo needs to just give us a mario maker DLC for odyssey.

  12. Does anyone else hate the music they chose to play for the invincibility Mario time?
    I don’t exactly hate the music in general, just the fact that it plays instead of the traditional Starman theme.
    Also, why did they think knockback was a good idea for invincibility??

  13. Wow, this is honestly one of my faves so far. Every game needs a SMB 1-1 remake. It's the unwritten rule.

  14. Cool, thanks for another fun upload. Still, my curiosity knows no bounds, I wonder where the technical "unused" pipes lead to?

  15. Idea, two Lord of Lightnings at the same time!

  16. WOW, FINNALY SMB 1-1 IN ODYSSEY! (Looks at Metro theater.)

  17. Okay the mods are confirmed to be a Mario maker on the switch simulator

  18. I am surprised no one has gone over to the metro kingdom theater (post game) let alone no mentions of it in the comment section

  19. cant wait till theres custom enemies and bosses and maybe a few new possable chars

  20. I see it as the future of “New Super Mario Bros.” Lol

  21. Im sorry for being "that guy" but can i get the music to this?

  22. My god this is awesome! 😀 Can you possibly make a tutorial on how to install mods like this?

  23. The ambient sound in the background makes this creepy…

  24. This makes me realize that we didn't see many long pipes.

  25. I would have liked to see more 2d levels like this in the game

  26. I like how you didn't even bother long jumping for the whole "2D" concept.

  27. For some reason I get 3D Land vibes from this

  28. I regret some of my previous comments says:

    Still better than New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

  29. Is this real mario odyssey or fake

  30. Why does the music sound a “bit off key”?

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