Super Mario Bros cake topper tutorial -

Super Mario Bros cake topper tutorial

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How to make a Mario cake topper from the Super Mario Bros games using modelling paste. You could also use polymer clay / fimo if you do not need it to be edible. 🙂

Tools and products used in this video –
modelling pastes –
Round cookie cutters –
Balling tool –
Metal round cutter –
oval plunger cutters –
Craft mat –
Cake modelling tool –

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  1. So cute super Mario cake topper !!

  2. Oh wow! I made this for a cake years ago, just like this but damn yours is so much better! I wish I had your tutorial then to teach me how to do it properly! Love this it's brilliant!

  3. Perfect and amazing things made by your hands!

  4. Increíble con la facilidad que realizas tus trabajos , te admiro!!

  5. Simplemente hermoso 😍 Me encanta tus trabajos te admiro mucho
    Saludos desdd Perú

  6. Superb! I have tried nominating you but twice the entry didn’t go through.. I will try again.

  7. You are so good makes it look so easy! Love the mini circle cutter must be very hard to keep track of 😉

  8. This is incredible. It looks just like Mario! Well done. You sure have an eye for figures and proportions. ❤

  9. my son is mario crazy and thought this was neat he said can you please make something with pikmin. i love watching your videos, you are very talented

  10. Brilliant as always Zoe, ive a 90's themed cake to do for someones 30th birthday and i think this will go nicely xxx

  11. Where is the link for voting for the cake masters award?

  12. Just an idea but – why don't you try doing Swiper from the new Dora movie as a cake? I think that'd be cool lol

  13. Hi there! I’m a producer at Cheddar and would love to feature you in a video on our pages. Would we be able to use your videos for the feature? We’d credit and link to your page! Thanks!

  14. Quieres colocar subtitulos en español 🥺 porfiiiiiis

  15. You're so underrated, I know that it has been a hard journey aspecially because of some cooking channels that are run by huge companies taking all of the attention from people like you but please continue posting videos for your fans ^^

  16. Це програма Веселі саморобки?

  17. Muchas gracias por tu video, me sirvió muchísimo!! Ya hice a mi Mario Bross 💙

  18. Que Lindos trabajos hiciste, felicidades

  19. I would like to buy this Mario also Mario kart do you sell them and ship?

  20. Hey great video. The link to the modelling pastes goes to a tool instead. Any chance you could update it?

  21. Perfecto todo y muy lindo, solo me quede con las ganas de aprender a hacer a Luigi y Yoshi.

  22. Es en porcelana fría o pasta de goma ?

  23. You made my mom's life easier. Ty you're sooo talented

  24. My 6 years old boy made this Mario and he was so proud me too but he was so happy because he did it all by himself 😊😊😊

  25. Can i asked what modeling pastes or clay you use, love.Thank you for help.Lovely

  26. how does the front of the hat keep in place?

  27. My son is obsessed with Mario and has watched this video over ten times already lol

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