Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct - 03.09.2020 -

Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct – 03.09.2020

Nintendo UK
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Watch the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct now for news on upcoming games and products releasing by spring 2021!

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  1. Ok I can’t be the only one who has 3D world as my favourite

  2. So is that 3D All Stars game only PLAYABLE until March 2021 or PURCHASE-ABLE until March 2021

  3. nintendo, don't you DARE limit the release of mario 3d all-stars, or else i will emulate AND pirate your switch and GAW (Game-And-Watch) games

  4. Really desparate cash grab from Nintendo to have a limited digital sale of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. I saw that the price is also 60 euro's for a fake remake of 3 old Mario games, really sad Nintendo. I have a switch and usually I love nintendo content but this is a low blow!! I am definitely not going to buy it. I hope Nintendo reads this and learns not to betray their own fans trust.

  5. What, no love for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island? Its like, tied for my favorite with SMB3 and SMW.

  6. But yet, nothing original, typical Nintendo.

  7. How many different ways can they sell smb1 to us? The answer, my friend, is in the stars above.

  8. A limited time? Who tf can afford any of that at this time with everything going on in the world?

  9. They better bring the cat Mario show back.

  10. Dude Nintendo you don't get this whole thing do you? Making games limited…? Probably the dumbest decision they could do.

  11. I don't care about the 3D collection being limited, but Mario 35 not being playable after March sucks!

  12. I kind of think that nintendo didn't wide-screen mario 64 out of spite, after all the other two titles weren't originally wide-screened either, its a shame that they're allowing an unofficial (pc) port show them up

  13. I’m hyped for that splatfest! I’m getting myself the mushroom shirt!

  14. Thank you. That was very interesting information on new sysTUMs and iTUMs.

  15. I can't believe they actually ported the 3d mario games to the switch.

  16. Galaxy 2? That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

  17. Everyone complaining about no Galaxy 2 whereas I'm more bummed out that the UK doesn't get the mario pin set like the US does.

  18. Nintendo: we will give you everything you want!
    me: THANK YO-
    Nintendo: fOr A LiMiTeD tImE!

  19. oh so they fixed the prerelease sounds here, that's very nice

  20. my dad said we will get 3d all stars on my bday which is 3 months away

  21. Well I was hoping for galaxy 2 as well rip

  22. I like how before super mario 3d world was announced everybody was crying and kept saying we need it and then when they watch this there just like ''ok"

  23. Hey Mr sakurai maybe in super smash Brothers ultimate can you really please waluigi because Mario and Luigi are there but Mario Mario Mario Mario doesn't have somebody in his side so can you believe he's waluigi cuz I think Mario the thing one Luigi you will be cool at the game if you release him

  24. What happen to Mario 6 golden coins 🤔


  26. wait dont tell me that everything is limited .-.

  27. Anyone come here to see if the UK version was different?

  28. And next games like wario land Or Old Kirby games from n64 Wii?

  29. Super Mario 3d all Stars forget super Mario Galaxy 2

  30. Can i have free nintedo seitch and i will pay ya back please mr nintendo

  31. Me:galaxy 2?

    Nintendo:did you say Steve in smash

  32. Got the Game and Watch today, this is sick son.

  33. This is the best thing that has ever happened I’m glad that Nintendo came to the UK back when it was the 1990s

  34. Had you ever notice in title the goomba is biting Luigi's pant

  35. i like the game super mario 35
    for switch

  36. 1:34 The new trailer of Super Mario 3D World for switch, is here!

  37. Hi can you help is mario 3d world and bowers furey ready to play e shop 12 am uk cart wayt for it thank you all so much

  38. All things that are here after March 31:
    -Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury
    -Super Mario X Animal Crossing
    -Games like Mario Jenga or Lego Mario

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