Super Mario All-Stars - Full Game Walkthrough -

Super Mario All-Stars – Full Game Walkthrough

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This video is a complete full game walkthrough for Super Mario All-Stars on the Super Nintendo in 1080p & 60fps. Time stamps for each game are listed below. Thanks for watching.

00:00 Super Mario Bros (1985)
26:13 Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (1986)
59:23 Super Mario Bros 2 (1988)
1:56:57 Super Mario Bros 3 (1990)


  1. Donkey Kong 1981
    Donkey Kong Jr. 1982
    Mario Bros. 1983
    Super Mario Bros. 1985
    Super Mario Bros:The Lost Levels 1986
    Super Mario Bros. 2 1988
    Super Mario Land 1989
    Super Mario Bros. 3 1990
    Super Mario World 1991
    Super Mario Land 2:6 Golden Coins 1992
    Super Mario All-Stars 1993
    Super Mario Land 3:WARIOLAND 1994
    Super Mario World 2:Yoshi’s Island 1995
    Super Mario 64 1996
    Super Mario Bros.Deluxe 1999
    Super Mario Sunshine 2002
    Super Mario 64 DS 2004
    New Super Mario Bros. 2006
    Super Mario Galaxy 2007
    New Super Mario Bros.Wii 2009
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 2010
    Super Mario 3D Land 2011
    New Super Mario Bros.2 2012
    New Super Mario Bros.U 2012
    Super Mario 3D World 2013
    Super Mario Maker 2015
    Super Mario Run 2016
    Super Mario Odyssey 2017
    Super Mario Maker 2 2019
    Super Mario 3D All-Stars 2020
    Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury 2021

  2. Sara Twin 36 Rashid 🥰 Rachel R And Angel,,,😎 says:

    I Love u!

  3. Credit to you, Pack. I never had the patience to play through each stage. Especially in The Lost Levels, back when I was a kid.

  4. To think, just a few (relatively speaking) years later, Super Mario Advance would come out, thus giving the bosses of SMB2 voices (especially Birdo). Now, it’s hard not to hear those voices when watching or playing SMB2.
    …Well, at least for me. Anyone else?

  5. How do you get fireworks once you beat the stage?

  6. That was a great game

  7. You know this was an SNES game because you can hear the SMW in the SMB "Underwater" theme, so this is one I would like to play in more depth.

  8. I’m actually going to watch this full video when I get a chance. I’m showing my son the difference of All stars. Need this game but the Super Nintendo I purchased is built in and only has Super Mario World, and Mario Cart.

  9. I still own my original SNES copy and beaten every game 100%. Lost Levels is a pain in the neck, though.

  10. Mario All Stars reminds of the Super Mario Advance games on GBA. They definitely have some similarities.

  11. Makes me want to find a super nes again now.

  12. Good video my favorite game in super mario all stars is super mario bros 1985 1993

  13. I feel Nostalgia. I grew up playing this game with a cousin of mine back in 1995, 1996, 1997 mainly…

  14. i played it when i was chid
    it was hard when i was little

  15. I first played Mario back in 93 or 94 my first Mario was Mario 3, 1 and 2

  16. Great memories, I use to watch my dad and sister play this all the time in the 90’s

  17. Jpp de moi ma reuf pour faire chiale mellie-mrl quoi je préfère

  18. My Favorite 😍 🤩 😻 Game On Here Is “Super Mario Bros” (1985). All Theme Songs 🎧 🎶 🎼 🎵 Sound Just Like 👍 Super Mario Flash.

  19. I Remember Your Channel. Your One Of My Favorite 😍 🤩 😻 YouTubers.

  20. I Like 👍 How the SNES Version Of “Super Mario Bros” (1985) Looks Just Like 👍 “Super Mario Flash”.

  21. I've often wondered what the cast is talking about at the title screen. If you wait long enough before pressing start, Mario will look out to the side at you with a "You know what we're talking about…" look when we clearly don't

  22. Great video. But I was wondering Super Mario Bros (1985) was a NES game. And the game you have shown here is SNES one. How come both NES and SNES versions are in 1985? Am I missing something?

  23. When you think about it the water stages is mario in the sewer

  24. No 1990 in super Mario bros 3,in 1988.

  25. Super Mario All-Stars!? I have this 👌👌👌👌

  26. Know that Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels has more levels after World 8. That would be World 9 (which cannot be replayed if the file is to be saved) and Worlds A-D.

  27. Nintendo needs to be celebrated a LOT more, even with the Switch (pun intended) they remain relevant, creative and continue to produce quality content. Mario has NEVER missed.

  28. Jus Like They Made Super Mario All Stars, They Should Of Did The Same Thing When Remaking It For GBA Put Super Mario's 1-3 Super Mario World All In 1 GBA Cartridge An Jus Called It Super Mario Advanced With The Original Mario Bros With It!!!! Instead Of Selling It Separately

  29. Wow the memories I used to play with my brother the nes was such a bih hit and just was always the best I remember my brother at first liked it but overtime he got bored of it but me I played till like 3am and beat the game and then I finally got sleep lol

  30. Is there a way for you to continue on the level that you die? I always start from 1-1 instead of starting again in lets say 1-3?

  31. When i was little i loved this game so much

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